1D Imagines!!

I'm writing imagines for anyone!! All about 1D. I can't do dirty ones, sorry. But you can tell me if you want it long or short. I just need a description of what you look like and what boy you want it with. I also need to know if you have a preference for the setting of the imagine. Thanks:)xx


3. Harry for Naomi

"Harry," you called out. You wanted to jump out at him when he passed you. 
"Naomi," he called back, still searching for you. 
When he passed your hiding place you snuck up behind him and hopped on his back. 
You had pulled him to the floor and you were laughing uncontrollably now. "Oh so you think this is funny," he asks but he can't hide his grin. 
"Well you clearly think its funny too," you say. 
"Okay, it's a little funny," Harry admits. 
"I thought so," you say. 
Harry helps you up and twirls your curly brown hair around his finger. "I love you Naomi."
"I love you Hazza," you say. 
He starts singing Little Things and you join in. You sing the entire song just standing there, looking into each others eyes. 
"You're so beautiful," he says. 
You kiss him lightly and he says,"I love you so so much."
"I love you more now come on! Let's get something to eat," you say. 
You drag him to the kitchen and make yourself a sandwich. Harry waits for you to finish and pulls you close and kisses you. "Let's go watch some movies," he says. 
"Okay, but you make the popcorn."
You walk back to the living room and pick a movie. You put in the DVD and Harry sits down next to you holding a bowl filled with popcorn. You spend the rest of the night cuddling, watching movies, and eating popcorn. 

A/N Hey Naomi! I hope you liked it, it was really fun to write:)
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