1D Imagines!!

I'm writing imagines for anyone!! All about 1D. I can't do dirty ones, sorry. But you can tell me if you want it long or short. I just need a description of what you look like and what boy you want it with. I also need to know if you have a preference for the setting of the imagine. Thanks:)xx


2. Harry for Logan

It's almost Christmas and you are waiting for your boyfriend Harry to come home from tour. You want to surprise him at his house so you are hiding in his bedroom as he will be home any minute. You hear the door open and footsteps on the stairs. When he sets his things down on the bed you sneak up behind him and hug him. He turns around and says,"Hello beautiful."
"Hi Hazza," you say and you lean up to kiss him,"Welcome home. How was the tour?"
"It was great, I just wish you were there because I missed you so much," he says. 
"I missed you too," you say. 
"I love you Logan," he says. 
"I love you more," you say. 
"Prove it."
"By becoming Mrs. Styles."
As he says this he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a red velvet box. He opens it to reveal a beautiful diamond ring. You are speechless so you just nod and he puts the ring onto your finger. 
*2 years later*
You are walking down the aisle to your fiancé with your dad at your side. When you get to Harry you give your dad a kiss on the cheek. 
You say your vows and the priest says,"You may kiss the bride."
Harry lifts your veil over your blonde hair and looks into your blue eyes before kissing you. 
You spend the rest of your lives together in a beautiful house and have two children who grow up to be just like you and Harry. 

A/N: Hi Logan! I'm sorry that it's a little short I was a bit stuck but I hope you like it!
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