Singers Lustful Dreams

Take a peek into Jessica Diary, and see what has happened in her life so far:

As an already aspiring singer, at age 15 Jessica is an already limelight performer-as a soul singer with a big voice , she has the attention of many local record labels wanting to sign her. But , will her dad allow it?? Or will he accept Jessica for who she is? She is hiding a dark secre-but sh doesn't knowher place.

Would you do the same??

All thought's and feeling's expressed throughout this novel, are not fact, and are of clearly fictional content. When posting on my blog, say it in a diplomatic way, otherwise the writer will not respond to you.

Also, for more information about the writer, please go to her blog: If you comment in a polite and diplomatic way, she will always respond.


3. Depression And Rock Bottom

                                                                                                                         August 1999


I feel like I've hit rock bottom. All I can feel is fear, and so much hate and pain. My father and I are still arguing like crazy. I hate it so much. He has faith in the " almighty" God - yes punctuation marks intended. He also think's it's immoral to be gay. So, right now his attention is turned to me.

That concept is also the same with my mum. She is getting cranky, that we row and want's me to stop working at the club. I think dad found out that I sneaked out the other night.  I am so angry that she want's me to stop, I love being there, it's my life, and she said I should do it in the first place.


But, I have a surprise  I don't think my mum/dad will like it though. But if I did this, all my dream's would come true. To get it, I have to be observed performing a whole set at the club tonight. If they like it, you will never be able to guess what will happen...


To conclude this entry , here is a list of my greatest wishes:


To win this surprise  with/without my Parent's  approval. If they try to stop me, I'll do it any way. Nothing will stand in my way, and I will not be defeated. This is my life, my dream , my fantasy. It will not be snatched away from me now.


For my Parent's to say to my face, well done, you did well. I love you so much, and I will never be as proud. But all they could ever care about is how good my grade's are, or if I can move out yet.


For Amy to see my set at the club. She has been really un supportive of what I do , so I would like her to do the same thing as above.


To perform my own songs at the club. It would be my dream come true.


There is also something else I should say:

I don't get along very  well with people at school.I just moved to this school, and all the groups, scandals and clique were established long ago. I don't fit anywhere. So, at lonley breaks an dull lunches, I will be writing and recording in the music department. Just over a week ago I sent in a demo to a label. 

I will be recording some of my lyric's here soon.


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