A Day to Make A Difference

What would I do if I was the president for a day, many things. For the president for a day competition. Please like and fav.


1. Bullying

You can do it Sabitha I thought, it's not like there going to kill you if you say something wrong, then I shook my head, yes they are. I walked onto the stage, fear terrorizing me, my legs wobbled like jelly. I took a deep breath and began my speech.

"Hello everyone, so happy to see everyone here" I exclaimed, in a nervous tone.

"Were not, not another boring speech" someone shouted, painfully.

"Mine not boring, but different, today I'm the president, and in my day, I want to make a difference" I began.

"Let us all leave then" a women screamed.

"No, The first thing I'd like to talk about is, bullying" I announced.

"Bullying, what does that have to do with anything" someone muttered.

"Bullying is a very serious matter in many school's, 80 percent are bullied in school, and 20 percent commit suicide, now your thinking, so what, Bullying has been alive for many years, and it must be stopped. People don't understand, how serious this is. But they need to realise, it's a massive issue. Any form of bullying: name calling, teasing, leaving someone out, rumours  physical bullying, all of them are bullying, and should be stopped. For boys, mostly physical bullying, beating someone, is the case, while for girls rumours, but for both gender, races, sizes, shapes and nationalities, people are bullied. They are bullied so much into thinking why were they born, hating their life so much, feeling scared, and no one should feel that. I have experienced Bullying, and I understand, the pain of bullying. It makes you feel unwanted, powerless, but that's what the bullies want, they want power. A bully bullies for power, because their life is terrible, jealousy, and for thinking they are so cool. But bullying doesn't make anyone cool, it makes them a horrible, nasty person, who sucks someone life like it means nothing. If you are being bullied, tell a teacher, a parent, because there's nothing worse then facing the bullies alone. You are never alone, and there are many people just like you, whose life get's torn away. Bullying is worldwide problem, and thousands of people are affected of it, no one deserves to be bullied. Stand up to them, tell someone, because no one can make you feel worthless. A bully is only given power by yourself, because you give them power, don't let bullies destroy your life. I want Bullying stopped, and anyone who bullies deserves prison  to go to jail, because they are killing people's live. Stop Bullying, by myself I can do nothing, together we can make a difference" I exclaimed, to be welcomed by thousands of applause.

"Thank you" I mumbled, walking out of stage relieved, and happy.

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