Treat, Please

Sarah hates Halloween, she's not aloud to like it. Her parents are Christians, but one year her view may just change thanks to a certain 5 boys...

I know its a bit late for Halloween, and I don't exactly love 1D (so sorry if the crucial facts are wrong!). Anyway I hope you like it.


1. Zombies

Zayn's POV

Everyone loves Halloween, especially Niall, he has forced us to dress up as zombies and knock on every door in the village in the pouring rain; in the bellow freezing temperature just to get some sweets.I wish I could say I was delighted. 


Niall’s POV

One hour into our “trick or treating” we arrived at a thatched cottage with no plenty of beaming lights on, I skipped down their driveway with Harry, Louis, Liam and Zayn following close behind. I was just about to knock when the door squeaked open and out came a girl...

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