Treat, Please

Sarah hates Halloween, she's not aloud to like it. Her parents are Christians, but one year her view may just change thanks to a certain 5 boys...

I know its a bit late for Halloween, and I don't exactly love 1D (so sorry if the crucial facts are wrong!). Anyway I hope you like it.


2. Pyjmams


Sarah’s POV

I hate Halloween; well I wouldn’t if Mum and Kevin weren’t so religious-but they are, so it’s just another reason for everyone to laugh at me. Anyway Mum started getting aggravated tonight (the 31st October) at the doorbell so she yelled "Sar’ would you go and switch that doorbell off!” I didn’t reply but instead I jogged down the stairs, and swung the door open. “OMG” I froze. I was stood outside my Mums house in my PJ’s; hair tied in a loose bun; with no make-up on, in front of One Direction!

Then it all went black.

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