Before those 1Days

A young boy called Louis and a young girl called Emily have known eachother since they were born. Literally since they were born. There mum's have been friends since they were kids. Louis and Emily are best friends, they do have other best friends but they were the closest. They live next door to each other and go to the same school. Reed the book to find out what happens.


9. The next day

Emily's POV

The next day I knocked on Louis door. It was 8 in the morning. Louis mum and my mum where in the lake district for the weekend with our dads. So Louis was at home with all his sisters. I was at home with my older sister and my younger sister. My aunty came and checked on us every day. Louis calls my aunty, aunty lynn, because he has known her since he was born so she is kind of his Aunty. I walked to Louis and knocked on his door. One of the sisters opened the door. It was Lottie. She opened the door and said "come in!" I walked in and gave Lottie a hug. Lottie ran back upstairs and the two twins came running over. They both gav me a hug. I gave them lollie pops. I scanned the room looking for Louis until I seen him on the couch kissing Laura. I walked over and tapped Louis on the back. Louis sat up and went red. "what does it take for you to reply to my texts!" I said. I looked at laura and smiled sarcasticly. She snarled me and said "Louis what is she doing here!" Louis looked at Lauran and replied "she has a key you know we are like family!" Laura rolled her eyes. I said "actually my key is in my key draw and I have a lot of keys! Anyway where is fizzy?" Louis pointed upstairs and then lay back down. I walked up into fizzys room.
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