Before those 1Days

A young boy called Louis and a young girl called Emily have known eachother since they were born. Literally since they were born. There mum's have been friends since they were kids. Louis and Emily are best friends, they do have other best friends but they were the closest. They live next door to each other and go to the same school. Reed the book to find out what happens.


13. School

Louis POV
I knocked on Emily's door in the morning and asked Emily's sister where Emily is. She said she has already gone to school. I walked to school. Faster than usual to try and catch up with Emily. I seen Emily walking with Rosie they had went the long way to meet up with Lauren and Charlotte. Emily looked cute. She had a little clip in the side of her hair. She was laughing and having a good time. I seen Niall and ran over to him. "hi Louis. Your early today it is thirty tree minutes past 8!" said Niall. Niall is from Ireland so that's why he said tirty tree instead of thirty three. "and anyway why aren't you walking with Emily and Rosie?" asked Niall. I shrugged.
When we got into school Laura walked over to me. She gave me a kiss and started talking about well I dont know I was upset about Emily. I was day dreaming and walked into a locker. I hert my head. I fell back and Emily came over and helped me up. "where were you this morning why did you leave so early?" I asked. Emily shrugged and replied "I don't know, I guess I am a little upset about the ice skating incident and you not replying to my texts and the you and Laura insiderdent!" I looked at Emily and huffed her. I think we are friends now.
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