Before those 1Days

A young boy called Louis and a young girl called Emily have known eachother since they were born. Literally since they were born. There mum's have been friends since they were kids. Louis and Emily are best friends, they do have other best friends but they were the closest. They live next door to each other and go to the same school. Reed the book to find out what happens.


3. Monday Morning

Rosie's P.O.V

I have been waiting here for ten minuits! Where is Emily and Louis? They said they will be here at 5 to it is now 5 past. Iam going to be late. Well to be honest I don't really like school. In fact I really dislike school. It is just so boring. What is the point of learning things that i already know or that when I won't even think of using when i am learning. You should learn what you wan't to learn! The only thing that i actually like about school is being with my friends.We havesome great times togther.That reminds me. WHERE IS EMILY!

Finally Rosie and louis come walking round the corner. I run over and asked "why are you so late?" and she replys "bad hair day! i had tostraighten my hair!" i rolled my eyes and we began to walk.

Emily's P.O.V

Oh how much i love Monday mornings. Joking i hate them. the only good things is seeing my friends. I am not being funny but when you are older you wil look back and say oh how i wish i never went to school. All those boring lessons that i don't even need. And some teaches must hate kids. the way that they treat them. and i know i am kind of not a kid anymore but i am classing my self as one because i dont what else to say.

I had such a bad hair day today! i woke up looking like a frizbom. So i had to straighten my hair. Then Wait for Louis and he is a pain in the mornings! then i have to walk to the corner shop to meet Rosie. She must wake up early. I mean i am the worst in mornings. Especially Monday mornings.

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