Before those 1Days

A young boy called Louis and a young girl called Emily have known eachother since they were born. Literally since they were born. There mum's have been friends since they were kids. Louis and Emily are best friends, they do have other best friends but they were the closest. They live next door to each other and go to the same school. Reed the book to find out what happens.


2. Louis's P.O.V

Well me and Emily have been friends since well....we were born. There is a few months difference between us. I am 2 months older so well that means I'm the most machore well I don't think I am the machore one out of us.... Well to be honest I don't think any of us are the machore. We have some great and funny time together. Like Emily never stops laughing and I just laugh at her laugh. She is so funny. We are best friends I mean we both have other best friends I mean her other 3 best friends are going out with 3 out of 4 of my best friends. So it is quite awquid. In class I always send funny notes to her as she sits at the other side of the class to me. Well in some lessons. Other lessons we sit in a big huddle at the class but like that's only with the nice teaches. So anyway erm Emily never stops talking whilst I just let her do the talking. So when she was talking about me and her well she probably said to much so just listen to what she says.
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