Before those 1Days

A young boy called Louis and a young girl called Emily have known eachother since they were born. Literally since they were born. There mum's have been friends since they were kids. Louis and Emily are best friends, they do have other best friends but they were the closest. They live next door to each other and go to the same school. Reed the book to find out what happens.


12. Drifting apart

Emilys POV
I am starting to think that Louis likes Laura more than me. I think we are starting to drift apart. I mean leaving me on the ice rink by my self. Not even interested in me when I came it to his house. Normally in 2 hours there will be lots of texting between me and him but today he hasn't text me at all. I bet he has been kissing the face of Laura again. She must be trying to make me jelous but I am not bothered I have Steven now. Me and Steven went to the cinemas today. We went to see the new twilite. I love twilite. I seen Harry and Rosie there. She loves twilite. Harry was asleep. I think Steven likes twilite to but I think he is jelous of Edward. He is in love with Bella. When I got home I seen Louis and Laura sitting on the couch watching eastenders and the twins chasing each other. I opened the door to Louis house and gave a bag of pocorn to the twins. Then walked out and up to my room. My sister was sitting down stairs with her boyfriend and my little brother and sister fighting. I ran to my room and sat on the bed and began to cry.
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