Bffs for life

Me and katy are best friends but when the new girl comes in called alex she tries to split up up and she manages how can Chloe get her bff back??


2. Sectets

As me and Katy(short for Kathy)walked across the yard we saw a girl all alone on a bench as we walked over to her she looked up"Hello my name is Chloe and this is my friend Kathy but just call her Katy and just call me Cj"I said kindly as we sat down next to her she turned towards us and said"Hi Cj and Katy my name is Alexis by just call me Alex for short"she said sadly she tuned to face the tree behind her then turned around"Are you new here and if you are what class are you in???"Katy said to her with a tone that i have heard many times Stupidity tone!!!!

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