Bffs for life

Me and katy are best friends but when the new girl comes in called alex she tries to split up up and she manages how can Chloe get her bff back??


4. My bezzie is Never going of with Alex and i mean never!!

As me,Alex and Katy headed of to science we saw a sign for popstars the rivals but school version!!Auditions are held on the 10th of november TOMMROW!!!!we had to pratice quick we will soon so We had to pratice fast we skipped science with Mr patterson and went to the gym no p.e lessons i had my iphone5 with me so we could do a song we all chose 2 song i proper song and one back up the first one was"One more night"By marron 5 and "Dimonds"by Rihanna As we did the dance we headed outside!!!!!We  were going to pratice more tonight!!

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