Bffs for life

Me and katy are best friends but when the new girl comes in called alex she tries to split up up and she manages how can Chloe get her bff back??


11. Going home

I got in the car and drove Justin Biber came on with his song"Baby"How can youtube listen to that its not good in my opinon as i pulled up I saw her and Katy Outside my doorstep with nothing But SPRAY PAINT!! "Katy and Alexandra Get out of my drive right now or I will phone the police on you"I Bellowed in my most death turning voice"No I dont want to Either does Katy Chloe Im her new best friend Now move it"Shouted Alexandra I got in my car and Drove to my friend Connies House"Hey chloe whats wrong" She must have saw the tears in my eyes "Its the new Girl she has took Katy off me and she is spray painting my house orange"I cried  Connie didnt look happy"Right whoever did this is going to wish to hell they didnt right Chloe Drive me there"

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