The Rebel's Influence

Mayla is an average student that rarely gets in trouble. Until one day when she gets in a fight and meets the school 'rebel'- Todd.


1. Chapter 1

The Rebel's Influence

Chapter 1

I opened the door to the head teacher’s office and the strong scent of coffee rushed up my nose, immediately making me scrunch up my face in disgust. Mrs Spencer's head snapped up the second my foot was placed onto the beige carpet. Her hands gestured to the seat in front of the desk she was sitting at, I made my way over to the chair and slumped into it. "So, Mayla, what brings you into my office?". We both knew the answer, she just wanted to hear it from my perspective.

I heard the door open behind me and turned my head in the direction of it. She walked through with her nose covered in blood while she readjusted her hair. Her pink sparkly top was scrunched up and her skirt was rising up in different places. Some unmentionable places, however it was like that before we fought. She looked up at me with pure hatred but I snarled at her and she quickly redirected her gaze that was fixed on me to the floor.

"Rebecca, please do not feel threatened by Mayla. She won't hurt you," Mrs Spencer said, Rebecca looked up at me and her mouth opened in disbelief. "Not hurt me? Not f**king hurt me? Why am I bleeding and why do I have bald patches then? Huh? Tell me that!"

"You're bleeding because you're a stupid wh*re who can't keep her mouth shut!" I rose from my seat as I walked closer to her. "And you have bald patches because your head couldn't take the weight of those cheap extensions" I responded. She looked me up and down and let out a fake laugh.

"They're not cheap. My mum got them for me. Something that yours can't do for you because she's dead, Mayla. F**king dead!" She retorted. I felt the anger build up within me the moment she made the comment. I felt vulnerable but decided to let my anger take over rather than break down in front of her. I lunged at her and tackled her to the floor. I made sure I was straddling her so I could get a better aim at her face. I clawed, punched and slapped until two male teachers were prying me off of her body. While they both grabbed my arms I kept a steel grip on her hair to make sure I pulled some out of her scalp as I was being lifted into the air. An extension was ripped out of her head and she let out a piercing scream that made me want to muffle my ears. I held the extension up in the air as if it was a trophy. "Suck it, b*tch" I shouted at the top of my lungs. I didn't know what had come over me, I never reacted like this.

"You're a psycho," she screamed.

I was dragged out of the room and made to wait on a seat outside the Head teacher's office. I felt a presence next to me, so I looked to my left and saw a boy that was known for always being in the Head's office. I was sure that his name was Todd, we had a few classes together but he rarely turned up. "What did you do?" I asked casually. He turned his head towards me, smiled and shook his head. "Nothing, really. I got in an argument with my maths teacher. He said I didn't do my algebra homework. I said I did. Went on like that. Then some teacher's pet got involved so I punched him for getting involved. His girlfriend told me to back off so I called her a wh*re and it went on like that. But I heard she got beat up though. Probably deserved it. Rebecca? Rebecca Roberts? You know her?" After I finished laughing at his complicated story I nodded my head. "What did you do?" He asked me.

"I beat up Rebecca" I smiled as he laughed. "And then again, just now." I gave my most innocent smile and batted my eyelids at him. "Why?" He asked.

"The first time was because she told me not to talk to her boyfriend, but I tutor him. She's just way too possessive and clingy. Then she made some personal comments and b*tch slapped me, so yeah. I just went all out and clawed, grabbed, punched, slapped anything that was attached to her and in reach. The second time she made a comment about my mum, she knows that my mum is- err- no longer with us. So she bought it up. So I kind of jumped her" I explained. I knew that after I had said that, it had created a thick layer of tension in the air. I didn't know why I mentioned that part because it was still a sensitive subject but it felt nice to be able to offload onto someone, even if I hardly knew them.

"You jumped her? I need some action, if that's all it takes then..." He left his sentence to hang in the air. I suddenly realised the wording I used and changed it. "Lunged at her. I lunged at her" He let out a short chuckle. "Why would she say that? Everyone knows that you don't mention mums, no matter what. She's threatened by you. If she didn't feel like you had a chance with her boyfriend, why else would she say anything?" He asked.

"What? The school badass doesn't mention mums? Wow. You're not such a rebel now. The illusion is shattered" I laughed. He shook his head and ignored me. We sat in silence after that. A comfortable silence. "Wait, you tutor, right? Could you maybe help me in algebra? That sh*t is hard. Numbers and letters do not go together. Apart from postcodes, or number plates. Yeah. Want to help me though? I'll pay you. How much for an hour?" He winked at me when he said the last part. I just rolled my eyes and laughed.

"Yeah, sure. I do it for free" I smiled. Once I realise my wording I quickly changed it. "Tuition, I do the tuition for free. It's the nice thing to do, you know?" He shook his head and gently took my hand; he pulled a pen out of my cardigan pocket. I raised my eyebrows at him, but he gave a dismissive hand gesture. He began writing numbers on my hand. "That's not algebra". Once I said it I felt stupid.

"No, it's not. It's my number" He smiled and got up to leave. He put my pen in his pocket, but I had plenty more so I ignored it. "Tell the Head that I'm tired of waiting around," I nodded. I saw Rebecca open the door and quickly shuffle out. She kept her head down when she said "She wants to see you". I got up from my seat and watched her walk off into her next class. I knocked on the door before entering. "Mayla, I have come to the decision that your father will be called and we can all discuss your punishment together. Rebecca has been internally excluded and she is collecting her things now" Mrs Spencer told me in a stern voice.

"Cool" was my reply. She ignored me and got to work with the papers that were on her desk. I saw a photo of a young girl scattered amongst the papers. She must've been about seven and she'd lost her two front teeth. She was smiling at the camera with two pony tails accompanying her small face. I smiled at the picture and Mrs Spencer noticed. She looked at me with curiosity and then turned the picture so I couldn't see it. I watched her intently as she looked at the picture. Her eyes turned glassy and she let out a small sniff. I realised there was more to the story of the cute little girl and redirected my attention to the floor.

Mrs Spencer picked up the phone, after a few minutes she muttered "Send him in". My dad walked in and gave me the look. I often get the look when I've done something that he doesn't approve of. It's the type of look that freezes you in your seat and dares you to argue back. I shut my eyes and nibbled on my bottom lip, waiting for what he would say.

"From what I've heard, she deserved it"


Hi, I became a member of Movellas yesterday. I am also on another reading website so if you see this story on there then it's me. This story is one that I originally wrote on that website. I don't know if I can say the name of it for promotional purposes. If you ask me on the comments I'll tell you though. Tell me what you think of this please :)


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