surprise marriage

Sarah marie ann. She never believed in her mum decides to get married to guy she never met in her.Little did she know he was a famous singer from the biggeat boyband. Will she accept him? Or will she play hard to get ? My first movella.pls no hate. Love ya all sweethearts.;))


3. NO WAY !

Mrs Ann's POV
Im sure sar is gonna be happy when she hears this." Okay sar,i guess you are the only one here in the table about this happy news so its time for me to break it to you.So dear you excited?"

Sarah's POV
"So dear you excited?". In my head there was a million things going on my mind.Is that curly gonna be my step-brother? Is my mum getting married again? Holy jesus!! Then my mum continued "Sweetie you're gonna get married!!" "What ?! WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT MUM
?!" My mum and curly were really shocked. Then my mum continued talking " i know i should have told you before but im sorry. I thought you would be happy to marry harry styles."
"What ?! HARRY STYLES?! I HAVE TO MARRY HIM ?!" Then i juat ran up to my room while teats came rolling down my eyes endlessly.I didnt expect my mum to do this to me. I dont deserve this.why must i marry a stranger??!! Just because he is some god damn singer doesnt mean i have to marry him !! Im not like the other girls who are dying to marry all those morons ! Why cant my mum understand that ?! Arghhh..!! I just gonna listen to some songs in my ipod. Whenever im down, i listen to some music and then i eventually get better.

Harry's POV
What did just happen?I mean i thought she knew about this.Woah.I mean i just..just..just dont ununderstand.I mean i really like her and.. "harry?" mrs ann called me by interupting me."yeah mrs ann?" "Im really so sorry harry. I hope you are not upset." " oh no mrs ann im totally fine.Umm is it okay if i could go and talk to her personally?" "Oh..umm yeah sure harry " mrs ann replied with a small smile.I immediately jogged up the staies towards her room. I have no idea which was her room but.. oh maybe this is her room, the door was painted pink and had her name on it so i'll just have to knock on the door. I tried knocking a few times but but she didnt open the door. I got scared so i tried calling her name but she still didnt open her door aso i immediately called her mother. She came up with a key and opened her room door. Thank god she was listeing to music on her ipod and didnt realize we were both outside her room so i went in and her mum just closed the door.Woah i like her mum! Then i walked towards he r and tapped on her shoulders then she woke up from her bed shocked.

Sara's POV
I was listening to my music in full blast so i couldnt hear anything and just closed my eyes. Then some time later someone tapped on my shoulders. "What the?! What are you doing in my room ? Get off my bed you idiot! Then for the first time i heard his voice " hey im so sorry about everything. I mean now that you know that you are engaged to me i have all the rights to be in your room you noe. Im juat sorry and i want to clear things out with you pls ? Pls give me a chance. "What ?! A chance? For? Im not gonna marry you and since when were we engaged ? Did you give me a ring? No right ? Then get out of my room and my house! Get lost ! I just hate you so much !arghhh!!! Get lost !!" Then he just walked out of my room quietly and seemed very
hurt. I felt bad but.. its not fair to me either!
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