surprise marriage

Sarah marie ann. She never believed in her mum decides to get married to guy she never met in her.Little did she know he was a famous singer from the biggeat boyband. Will she accept him? Or will she play hard to get ? My first movella.pls no hate. Love ya all sweethearts.;))


2. important talks

Harry's POV

As i was chit-chatting away with mrs ann, a girl with black curly long hair came walking towards the kitchen.She was so beautiful that i could not take my eyes off her.I guess mrs ann realized i was looking somewhere and turned to look at what i was looking at.Then she called her Sar, i guess the beautiful's name was sarah.She said hi to me but she seemed very uncomfortable.Maybe she isn't a directioner i guess.But thats okay its totally fine.I know my way to get that girl.No way is she gonna resist me.Nobody can resist me.I know, i know, i do think quite highly of myself or more like very highly of myself.

Mrs Ann's POV

"Well harry,sar i guess we could have some breakfast before we talk some important things out."I hope sar does listen to what i have to say about later on.I should have told her when she was much younger but i didnt really see the reason why.I guess today is the best day for me to break the happy news to her.

Sarah's POV

Mum was like she had some important thing to talk about.Thanks to her, i am so anticipated to know what is she is gonna say.She knows i hate all this surprise bullshit and all. Arghhh!! Alright, Alright, sarah calm down.You dont wanna embarass yourself infront of this curly.Oh yeah, speaking about the curly, i CANT stand him!! That moron just cant take his disgusting eyes off me.whatever! im just gonna eat my breakfast as i starving ! Mmmm...yum!!Soon we all finished our breakfast quietly without saying a thing.Usually me and my mum would be talking and talking.Hmm.. i guess there is somethime very fishy about what my mum is gonna say about. Well since we had eaten already i guess i should just break the silence and ask her about it."Mum! so what is it you wanna talk about?

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