surprise marriage

Sarah marie ann. She never believed in her mum decides to get married to guy she never met in her.Little did she know he was a famous singer from the biggeat boyband. Will she accept him? Or will she play hard to get ? My first movella.pls no hate. Love ya all sweethearts.;))


5. with me?

After harry left, i didnt know what to do. I started thinking about how life would have been if dad was around.He is definitely one of the best dads in the world. He always made surr i was happy and had everything i needed. He always supported me.After he passed away, i went under depression.My mum.She was worse. She started drinking and smoking.But of course she atopped now. But it was a nightmare that i wanted to forget.

*The nxt day*

I ended up sleeping in my room all the way. When i woke up, i checked the time, it was 10:00. So i decided to take a nice shower after all the crying yesterday, i needed to wash up. After showering for about half an hour, i wore my sweats and went down to the living room. I decided to talk to her as i felt really bad about yesterday. Then i saw her making breakfast, i hugged her from the back. She just smiled. "Mum?" "Yeah sweetie?" She said turning her back. "Mum, im really really sorry about yesterday.I dnt know why i was upset. Im sorry. I know you always think the best for me so.." "yeah carry on sar" " uhmm... mum so i have..decided to marry harry.I thought about it already. I guess if thats what makes you h appy then i go with it an hedoes seem like a pretty nice guy so i will try. " awww.. sweetie. I love you so much for making my day and understanding me. I assure you that he is a gentlemen. I just smiled and thought hopefully he is. Then i decided to call curly and meet. I call him curly.(it seems cute) i called him and when i was about to cut the line he answered. "Hello?'' " hey.. hey harry.its me sarah." "Which sarah" "what? How many sarahs' do you know mister?!"i asked mischievously. "Well i only know one and the only one i know is extremely beautiful but is currently very mad
at me." I blushed but felt bad at the same time for shouting at sucha sweet guy. "Well thats why i called, iwant you to go on a..a.." "yeah sar?" "A..a date with me ?" He chuckled at this and agreed to meet at nandos at 1..
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