surprise marriage

Sarah marie ann. She never believed in her mum decides to get married to guy she never met in her.Little did she know he was a famous singer from the biggeat boyband. Will she accept him? Or will she play hard to get ? My first movella.pls no hate. Love ya all sweethearts.;))


1. whose my mum talkinn to ?

Sarah's POV

"Sar! Baby Sar ! Time to wake up sweetheart ! " my mum as always try to disturb me from my beauty sleep everyday even though i had no school. Well i eventually woke up and quickly went to take a shower. Once i came out of the bathroom i immediately opened wardrope to find something to wear for the day. I wore a baby pink witkhh white polka-dots blouse and a white shorts and went downstairs to grab something to eat as i was really famished. When i slowly walked towards the kitchen i heard my mum talking and laughing away to somebody.My mum was divorced so there was no way she would be talking to my dad and since i was the only child and there was noone else staying in my house other than me and mum i was more anxious to know who that was. When i reached the kitchen i finally saw a curly-haired guy talking to my mum.As he laughed, his cute dimples showed in his cheeks which made me melt abit.Then they realized i was there staring at them like a idiot. Then my mum finally said" oh hey sar, this is harry,harry styles from one direction". " Ohh okay. I mean hey harry." I said trying to be nice. I mean its just that i didnt like all this one direction, the wanted guys and all so much. Not really my type.I mean i dont even like all this stupid bands. Sucha waste of time.They are gonna split one day so why bother caring about these people.right?
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