Rex is a burglar who rob people's houses and sell items to antique shop. He has a girlfriend who is on benefits so he helps her out with the money. The girl has a child from another man who is a drug addict and he always pesters her for money.


9. Chapter Nine

The flowerpot smashed into pieces from the blow to her head.  It knocked her out and she fell to the greenhouse floor.  Jake was breathing heavy and his hands were shaking.  He stood there and looked down at her.  What had he done this time?  He quickly bent down and assessed whether she was still breathing.  He couldn’t tell.  So he tried listening for a heart beat.  He placed his ear on her chest and felt the beating of her heart.  His mind was in turmoil, what should he do.  He looked down and saw the jagged remains of the flowerpot in his hand.  He heard her moaning, she was regaining consciousness.  Now she was screaming so loudly it was piercing his ear-drums.  At that moment he lost it and began hitting her about the head and chest with the jagged bit of flowerpot.  Soon his hand was a bloody mess and the bit of flowerpot wasn’t visible for all the blood.

“Oh, my God, what have I done?” he cried.  He just had an overwhelming desire to get away, leave this bloody mess and get away.  He threw the bit of flowerpot down and jumped over her.  Then he ran from the greenhouse, up the garden and to his car.  He got in and drove off. 

“This is too much, Edgar,” said Eddie, in the kitchen.  “This is the second time this week she hasn’t fixed us anything to eat.  Have serious words with her.”

Edgar nodded and went outside to her steps.  For the second time that week he climbed the steps and knocked on her door.  No answer.  He knocked again.  Then he shouted her name, but still no reply.  He tried her door.  It was open.  She must be asleep again, the little minx, thought Edgar.  He went in and checked every room, no sign of her.  As he was going down the steps he stopped and looked around the garden.  He could see into the greenhouse from his vantage point and saw something lying on the floor.  What was it?  A bag of compost perhaps?  He went down the remainder of the steps and walked to the greenhouse to check.  What he saw almost made him vomit.  There was what looked like Maria, but he could only tell it was Maria from the dress and lower part of her body, the upper part of her was a bloody stump.  He raced back to the kitchen and told Eddie what he had seen.  Eddie rang the police.


Rex knocked on Tina’s door.  He knew she and Steven were in because the child’s buggy was downstairs in the stairwell.  The door opened and she stood there in jeans and T-shirt.

“Oh, Rex, I’m so glad to see you.  Did your father pass on the message?”

“Yes.”  He walked in.  The front room was half covered by brilliant sun light from the big window.

“Please sit down.  Do you want a coffee?” she asked.

“Where’s Steven?”

“He’s asleep in my room.  Rex, I’m in so much trouble.  The benefit people have stopped my money.  They said I’m a fraud.  And I have to go to court soon.  It’ll be a heavy fine or prison if I can’t pay.”

“I’m sorry about that, but you’ve only got yourself to blame.”

“I know.  I’m sorry about me and Shawn, honestly.  Could you give me enough money to pay my fine next week?”


“But if I go to prison the social services will take Steven away from me.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Then I’ll have to do what you do to get money – burgle a house.  It can’t be all that hard,” she said.

“What are you talking about you silly cow.  You burgle a house?  You’ll wind up in prison for a few years instead of a few weeks.”

“I don’t care, it’s worth the risk.”

Rex turned to go.  “You haven’t got any transport to get there and back?”

“Shawn will help me, he can drive.”

“But he hasn’t got a car.”

“He’ll steal one then.”

“Good luck,” said Rex, and walked out.

The following night Tina and Steven were sitting in the back of a stolen car that Shawn was driving.

“What made you pick this house?” asked Shawn, a little high on drugs.

“Rex said it was good not long back,” said Tina.

“Fleece House, it sounds pathetic to me.”

“Turn first right.”

Shawn pulled up beside a drystone wall, under some trees.  “How long will you be?”

“Give me a couple of hours at the most.”  She put on her rucksack.  “I’m only looking for small valuable items that fit in my rucksack.  I shan’t be long.  Anyway, I’m paying you aren’t I?”

“Yes, but we haven’t decided how much yet?” said Shawn.

“It depends on how much I make.”  She looked at Steven next to her.  He was asleep.  And so he should be, she thought, it was one in the morning.  She got out of the car and began climbing the wall.  Shawn watched her for a moment then took another pill.

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