Rex is a burglar who rob people's houses and sell items to antique shop. He has a girlfriend who is on benefits so he helps her out with the money. The girl has a child from another man who is a drug addict and he always pesters her for money.


4. Chapter Four

“I want you stay with him, while I get ambulance,” said Maria.  She set off towards the house.

“Shall I put him in the recovery position?” called Francis after her.

“Yes,” she shouted back.

Instead of going round the house to the kitchen she went straight up to the front door, near to where Eddie was sat.  She was going to tell him quickly then go indoors and phone for an ambulance.

It was while Francis was putting Edgar into a recovery position, that he regained consciousness.

“What are you doing?” asked Edgar.  It was a bit of a struggle but he managed to sit up.

“You must have collapsed or something.  Maria’s gone for an ambulance.”

“I don’t want, don’t need an ambulance,” said Edgar angrily.  “Who are you anyway?”

“My name’s Francis Rosco.  I’m here about the ad you put in the newsagent’s window about an assistant gardener.”

“Pity you couldn’t come sooner.  I’ve been tackling big jobs, too much for me, jobs you should do.”  He looked at the full wheelbarrow nearby.

They waited five minutes and Maria came back.  She was surprised to see Edgar sitting up.  “I see you’re with us again, Edgar.  It must have been recovery position, Francis,” said Maria.

“Have you phoned an ambulance?” said Edgar.

“Yes.  Be here soon,” she said.

“Well, you can jolly well cancel it.  I don’t want an ambulance,” complained Edgar.

“But Edgar, you need checked over at least,” she said.

“Are you hard of hearing or something, I said, I don’t want an ambulance?  You can go and wait at the gate for them, and when they come you can tell them they’re not needed.”

“All right.  Now get you inside.  You stand up?”

They both got either side of him and helped him to his feet.  They then supported him as they walked to the house.

“I’ll rest on my bed if you don’t mind,” said Edgar.

“Are you sure can cope with stairs?” said a worried Maria.

“Of course I can.”  They could feel the irritation in his voice.  He was behaving like a man of half his age who hadn’t just collapsed.

They walked slowly up the garden steps to the terrace and Eddie was at the top of the steps to greet and encourage Edgar.  Maria told Eddie that Edgar wanted to cancel the ambulance.  He was dumbfounded.  They slowly made their way up the stairs in the house and finally walked into Edgar’s bedroom.  Satan was lying at the bottom of the bed.  They laid Edgar down on his bed.

“Assistant gardener, what’s your name again?” asked Edgar.

“Francis Rosco.”

“You can start work tomorrow morning at nine.  Now leave me to get some rest.  Maria, don’t forget the main gate and the ambulance.”

They left him with Satan and went down to the kitchen.  The gate buzzer sounded. 

“That be ambulance,” said Maria.  “Come on, Francis, walk you to gate.”

The paramedics didn’t like it and warned that he could collapse again very soon.  But they accepted the knock-back and left.  She said goodbye to Francis and stood there by the gate and watched him and the ambulance disappear down the road.  She looked at her watch: 12.30 pm.  Eddie would be expecting his lunch in half an hour, and so might Edgar.  She had no time to cook a lunch so decided to make them sandwiches.  She closed the gate and locked it.  Then she walked back to the kitchen.  Eddie was waiting there for her.

“What happened?” asked Eddie.

“Don’t know much, but seems he fell down.  There was a full wheelbarrow nearby him,” she said, getting out the loaf of bread to prepare the sandwiches.

“The stubborn old fool will do his gardening.  He’s far too old for doing heavy work.  That’s why we want an assistant gardener, to do the heavy work.”

“He’s starting tomorrow morning by nine.”  She buttered the slices of bread.  “Cheese and pickle do you?”

“That’ll be fine,” he said.

“I’ll take up for Edgar.  He might not eat, but I tried.”

In the morning it was just Maria and Eddie in the kitchen.

“Look like Edgar stay in bed this morning,” said Maria.

“You can take him up some breakfast anyway,” said Eddie

Maria made Eddie two fried eggs on toast and the same for Edgar.  She put it on a tray, along with a mug of coffee and left the kitchen.  As soon as she entered the main hall she saw him, lying in a heap at the bottom of the stairs.

“Edgar!”  She put down the tray and ran to him.  He was breathing at least, though unconscious again.  She ran back to the kitchen and told Eddie, then phoned an ambulance.  They both went to Edgar.  Maria got a blanket and put it over him to keep him warm.  Then she told Eddie she was going to wait for the ambulance at the main gate.

It was while she was waiting for the ambulance at the gate, that Francis rode up on his bicycle.  “It’s kind of you to greet me like this, Maria,” said Francis.

Maria chuckled.  “It’s Edgar, he fall down stairs.  He’s asleep, how d’you say, like yesterday?”

“Unconscious,” he said.

“That right, unconscious.  Now waiting for ambulance.”

“D’you want me to go back home?  I can’t do any gardening with him, can I?”

“Best if you do.  Have phone you?” she said.

Francis gave her a card with his number on it.  He’d printed them on his computer quite cheaply.

“I’ll phone you when you come again,” she said, taking the card and putting it in her apron pocket.

Francis rode off just as the ambulance came into sight down the road.  The sirens weren’t on though the blue lights were flashing.  They drove straight in through the gates and stopped at the back door.  Maria caught up with them and showed them in.  It wasn’t the same paramedics as last time, these were two males.  One took a board with him.

They soon stabilized Edgar and then put him on the board and carried him to the ambulance.  Eddie didn’t feel up to going with them in the ambulance, so Maria went.  They took him to the nearby general hospital where Maria waited for any positive change in Edgar.


Rex, sat on his bed, removed the old dressing and looked at his thigh wound.  It was healing well.  He would soon have the stitches out.  One thing that was worrying was that he still walked with a limp.  He hoped that this was just temporary and wouldn’t be a lasting feature.  With his mind now off the injury, he looked at the three items on his table – a gold ruby ring, paper weight and three gold fountain pens held together by an elastic band.

He decided he would go and see the antique dealer John Chichester in town.  When he walked into the shop he stopped dead in his tracks as he saw a policeman at the back of the shop talking to John.  The policeman turned to leave and Rex pretended to look at an old chest of drawers.  The policeman walked passed and out of the shop.

“What did he want?” asked Rex.

John was sat at his desk at the back.  “He gave me this.”  He picked up a leaflet from his desk and handed it to Rex.  It was a list of stolen items, with pictures.

“I’ve got three things for you,” said Rex.  He put the ring, paper weight and pens on his desk.

John picked up the ring and looked at it through a magnifying glass.  Then he examined the paper weight and finally the pens.  He put the last pen down on his desk and closed his eyes and pulled a face that revealed many deep wrinkles.  “Six hundred for the lot,” he said, after a short while.

Rex held out his hand.  As usual, John went to the very back of the building and opened the safe.  He returned with six hundred pounds in twenties.  He placed them in Rex’s palm.  “Nice doing business with you again,” said Rex.

“I just think you should know,” said John, as Rex was walking out.  Rex stopped and turned round.  “Wherever you got these things from, I’d just like to say that they’re good quality.  Go there again.”

Rex nodded and left the shop.  It was one in the afternoon.  He was going to pay Tina a visit.  He could give her a bit of money as well.  It was a lovely summer afternoon as he rolled down the window of his car and headed to the council estate where Tina lived.

As he was driving through town he put on the car radio.  Lady Gaga was playing.  Rex thought about the last thing John had said to him, about going there again.  He should have described the books to him and got a quote, or even the bronze bust.  He smiled as he thought about going back to Fleece House.  He could always have the gun on him in case the dog came back.  If he could get so much from just one room, think about how much you could get from many rooms.  The house was a gold mine.  He took one hand from the steering wheel and felt his healing wound.  A shiver went up his spine as he remembered the dog attack.  He wasn’t ready for a dog, if he had of been it would have been very different.

He parked his car outside the tower block and walked in.  He stood outside the flat door and listened.  He couldn’t hear anything so knocked.  The door opened a crack and a brown eye surveyed him.  As soon as he had been identified the door swung open and revealed a naked Shawn standing there with a full erection.  His penis was erect and wet, lubricated, like he had just that second pulled out of Tina.  Rex closed his eyes and then shook his head in disbelief.  He barged passed Shawn and flung open the bedroom door.  Tina was lying naked on the bed.  Shawn laughed long and hard behind Rex.

“You desperate cow, how could you?” said Rex.

“She’s always been a good fuck,” said Shawn, through his laughter.

Rex stormed out and ran down the corridor.  He cleared three steps at a time as he went down the stairway.  He sat in his car for a while thinking.  He didn’t want to risk driving with his head like this.  How could she be so stupid?  After what that bastard had done with little Steven too.

Now feeling a little calmer he started the car engine.  Now the shock of it was gone he felt his penis stiffen as he remembered what had happened.  It was no good, he needed relief and quickly.  He turned the car and headed off in the opposite direction to Madam Mimi’s brothel.

The house was standing boldly amongst the ruins of a dilapidated area.  He parked his car outside it and went up the stairs.  The interior of the house was opposite to its shabby exterior.  The walls were painted subtly to blend in with the lush carpet and furniture.  As soon as he entered a tall woman dressed in a tight fitting skirt and white shirt, came up to him.  She spoke in an Eastern European accent.

“Can I help you?”

“I want a girl,” said Rex.

“How much do you want to spend?”

“A hundred.”

“You just want all the way and that’s it?”


“Go on in and choose a girl,” she said, flinging her arm out and pointing to the red lit room in the background. 

There were five girls all dressed in coloured panties and bras’.  They were lounging on various plush items of furniture.  One girl in particular caught Rex’s eye.  She was of average height; short blond hair and a face with high cheek bones that made her look beautiful in a girlish sort of way.

It was only when he coughed did Rex notice him sat in one of the corners.  He was a thin man in a grey suit that looked as though he was in his late twenties.  Rex felt his eyes going over him, but felt too exposed to look back just at that moment.

A short black woman with large breasts came up to him and put her arm around his waist.  “Hello darling, you want fucky, fucky, then?” 

Rex pushed her away.  “No.  I want her,” said Rex, walking up to her and taking her by the hand as she sat on a gold and red chair.  There was something so sad about this girl, even her smile was like weeping.

“I’m having her,” said the man in the grey suit, who was now out of the corner and beside the girl.  He took her other hand.

“Come now gentlemen, let’s not argue over the girls,” said the tall woman who had first greeted Rex.  She read the situation perfectly.

“I was here first,” stated the man in the suit.

Rex let go of her hand as if defeated and looked at the black girl.  The girl he had first fancied stood up, and led the man in the suit through a door.  Rex followed close behind with the black girl.  They went into a narrow corridor that had doors each side.  The girl and the suited man went into the room second on the right.  The black girl led Rex to the third door on the left.  They went inside.  The room was small and dominated by a large double bed.

“You’d better undress,” said the black girl.  She took off her bra and panties and lay on the bed, looking up at Rex expectantly.

“That girl I wanted, what is her name?” asked Rex.

“Karina.  But she’s not experienced like me.  Come on, get your clothes off.”

There was a scream from out in the corridor and Rex quickly opened the door and went out.  Another scream came from Karina’s room and Rex burst open the door and went in.  The grey figure was standing over her as she lay on the bed naked, and slapping her head.  She screamed again.

“Leave her alone,” shouted Rex.

Visibly shocked by Rex’s entrance, he left her alone and sniggered.  “What the fuck do you want?  You want some do you?”

Rex grabbed him and pushed him to the floor.  His face turned mean as he lay on the floor.  Then he produced a pistol from his jacket pocket.  He pointed it at Rex. 

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