Different worlds

this is my first one hope you like it


1. Their all gone

Isabelle POV:

I woke up to the sound of footsteps on the staircase 'mabye my dad and mom were home from there party early' i thought to myself. I decided to just go back to bed until i heard muffled voices "do you think shes here?" they were definatly not my parents so I decided to hide under my bed 'thats were they will look for you first stupid'. Instead I lifted up my window and popped out the screen. I grabbed my diary and climbed out onto the tree branch were I write songs & draw. As I crawled over to my parents window I did the exact same thing I did to my window. When i stepped in i saw my parents there lying on the floor. 'were they that drunk that they passed out on the floor' i pushed away the thought and went inside.When I tried  to step over them I felt a warm liquid all over the floor surrounding them. I thought of the unthinkable and quietly went to see if my sister was ok. I almost tripped over something but when I turned around i saw her lifeless body in the same liquid as my parents. Their all gone. I shed a tear when at the exact same time I heard screaming come from the other room "she isnt there!" i heard a different voice say, "check the perimeter we have to find her". I knew that voice. It was my ex, the whole reason why we broke up is because he was getting to be to much for me. One day when I said we needed to break up he said "if I cant have you no one can" that was the night he tried killing me. That night still haunts me to this day. So i did the only thing that came to mind I ran. I ran as fst as i could out of that house with blood on my feet and my drawing book/diary in hand. I heard the shouting behind me get fainter and fainter till it wasnt there anymore. I slowed down to a walk and went into a park I had visited repeatedly as a kid. I layed down on the bench and tried to stay alert but I was so tired. My eyes got heavy as I tried to keep them open. I will only shut my eyes for a minute, but when i did I was out cold. I woke up to singing and happy birds. How could they be so happy when i had just lost all of my family. Thats when reality hit me and boy did it hit me hard

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