From Inside a Cardboard Box

When your a stray, and not for the first time, what will you do to find your true home and stay alive?


4. London Town- The cat's society

I woke up early, I had to arrive at Loma's no later than 12 for any chance of her helping me. I stretched, spreading out my claws and wiggling my bum in the air. I poked my head out.

People's feet were passing by quickly for the morning rush hour. London. The city I grew up in, and the place that I would die. "Death is inevitable. And everyone must face it. Alone." This is very true for humans and animals alike. I waited for a gap in the stream of people and left my dry, cosy, warm box. I knew where I was headed. Oxford street. I could take the public subway below ground and come out the other side near the ugly, grey apartment block that marked the territory of the Alley cats- the cat's society. Where I would find Lomadia.

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