me as president

Here is what I would do if I was president.


2. what I would change

After I had helped people and charities, I would start making new laws. My first law would be that school should be free for everyone. This would mean everyone could get a good education in different countries.

My second law would be that all shopping items have to have a sat nav on the packaging. This would help reduce shop lifting as the shops could trace you and see if the barcode was scanned. This could help the police find people

My third law would be that all schools should have a music room. This would help children express them selves. They would be able to do fun things and be able to tell there feelings.

My fourth law would be that the school lesson plan would be that d.t should be put in every topic. This would mean that people could make nice things and bring them home. There would be lots of fun things to do.

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