me as president

Here is what I would do if I was president.


1. How I would help

If I was president for the day I would not start by making new rules. I would start by helping poorer places. I would vist places were they are less fortunate. I would help people build new homes for people who are poor and deserve a home. I would make sure kids had the rights to be able to go to school. 

I would make sure that places were children had jobs that they could get some education. Even if there parents were poor they would have a trade were they would have some work to get a bit of money and they would get more hours of school so when they were older they would have a good job. This would mean they would have a good and warm house.

I would help people when there had been earthquakes, volcanoes erupting and other natural disasters. I would makes schools at night into places for them to stay. I would make sure injured people would get great health care for free especially in poorer areas.

I would open up areas were people who were homeless people could live. I would make sure they would have food and drinks so they could live. Children would be given money for toys and for school trips. They would also be given money so they can buy lunch at school. I would do all I could do to help charities across the world.

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