Mouslin and Evangeline


1. Life by a Hut

The sight of her is as beautiful as looking through a meadow of flowers, that even the towns woman basked at her handsomeness. She with auburn hair carried the elegance of virginity and virtue, none of which could compare. Soulful dark eyes that stood with stillness, as if clouds that were upon three skies. The young woman, who went by the name of Evangeline grew up poor in a small hut by the river. Along with her mother Elise, her father Porte’ may and her three sisters whom she shared a room with, Organa, Ursula, and Patricia. Even living in poverty, men could not help but to gaze upon Evangeline’s presence, which her sisters would grow jealous of. Not as beautiful as their sister made them pitiful peasants that no man wanted to court. From the rightful age of fifteen men wanted to court with her, but none never successful. For it was Evangeline’s decision to choose who to marry and she found no man worthy of her beauty. Porte’ may was quite fond of her, after all most men were and she didn’t seem to mind it. “Aphrodite blessed you well, daughter” he would often say when her presence was brought into a room. “Father, why do ask her these questions and not I” Organa-the-eldest one imposed. “Organa, there is no need to be envious of your younger sister” her mother Elise implied. Organa stormed off with her run downed sandals clanking away through the room. “Evangeline, my loving daughter when will you find yourself a husband to marry?” her father asked. “When I find a man” she replies sarcastically. “Oh, may the gods have mercy on the man whom she marries” he said to himself sipping his afternoon tea. Evangeline stumbled into the room she shared with her sisters to find the second youngest, Ursula with a local boy who served food to the poor, Evangeline quickly shut her eyes while Ursula urged her to leave the room. She ran into another room and tried to comprehend what she had just seen, disgusted she turned toward the mirror on her side and a feeling of peace and tranquility went through her body. “A fair lady as beautiful as I, should not have to live in a unpleasant place such as this. When will the silver lining reveal the knight that would sweep me off my feet as if breezes through trees could bring forth their chorus and sing, singing a soulful song that overwhelms love itself through the hearts of crossed young lovers. Oh…how would it feel to be in love, to dream of love with a man as beautiful and fair as I” her pride showed mercifully. “Mother! Please do your best to tell Evangeline to stay away from my Fredrick. It will be a glorious day when all men who swoon for her realize what a filthy little dog she is!” Ursula began to fluster. “Now, ease down my dear daughter, you of all should know better than to have a young man looking for mischief beneath your home” her father said with a smirk. Walking out of another room, all eyes meet to Evangeline who wore her mothers most attractive dress. The silence in the area turned into praise to which Evangeline was not surprised about. “Come little sister…let us take a stroll through town, Organa shall come too” Evangeline said. The three young ladies headed for the door and walked down the stone narrow path along the river. Many civilians were out enjoying merry times that morning and among them were the young men finding suitors to become potential wives. “There are many men out today just looking for marriage, aren’t there sisters?” Evangeline says. “Indeed there are…” Organa insisted. “This is the gods’ own way of creating masculinity and strength. A man to comfort and protect the daughter of a herder. Not only will my partner be loved by me but he will also worship me. The man must be related to kings or let him be a nobleman. If a man wants children and a loving wife he will have to be within a wealthy family” Organa exclaimed. “Organa you sound selfish! If I were you I would worry about the Cultists punishing you for your greediness” Ursula told her as if a prediction. “I may be selfish but I am not conceded like Evangeline!” She protested. Ursula looked toward Evangeline with an envious glance, after all Ursula was always the most practical of her sisters and always came in second place to Evangeline. Both Organa and Ursula rejected their appearances for many years due to Evangeline’s, but not any more. So, in a sanctuary where Evangeline’s identity was no where to be seen the two young woman devised a plan against their own flesh and blood. By riding of their sister through marriage. That was the plan that they had intended. If Evangeline were to get married then her presence would no longer taunt them as did her beauty. With this plan they then began. “Oh, Evangeline dear” Ursula called as she and Organa caught up to her. “My darling little sis is pretty enough to catch the eye of any man in this town, whether he may be tall or short” Organa over exaggerated. “Rich or Poor” Ursula secluded. “Sisters please…” Evangeline begged embarrassed at her sisters feet. A young man who worked as a blacksmith came up to the three young women and bestowed his knee to the earth and touched hand and hand with Evangeline. “Good day ladies” Thomas said. “If I may be frank as to ask you my fair lady to sore like two doves in the sky never apart forever in eternity nothing but time and love itself” the man corn eely said. The two sisters giggled like young school girls. “I’m truly sorry…no” the most fairest one said. She quickly grasped her hand free from his clutches and began to run toward the temple, leaving her sisters in shock at how vain she was being. On her way to the temple she was stopped by Fredrick, Ursula’s loved one. “Evangeline, where are you heading off too?” he asked. To the temple…I need to pray, that was all.” “I’m not sure that’s such a good idea. The Cultists have blocked almost half of Latium.” he said. The two stare off into the distance as they see fires, and people being slain. “If Ursula finds us together…she’ll…” “Evangeline, we’re just standing here nothing more, and even if so…then I’ll take that chance.” She looks shyly away, taking his compliment as a sign of love but in the end feels nothing for him. She believes she is too beautiful for him. Evangeline decides she would not pursue any thing more with Frederick other than a mere conversation about the weather.

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