Mouslin and Evangeline


2. A Town Filled With Darkness


The town is filled with darkness and the light of the moon reflects on the narrow river. The young woman knows that her father forbids her from roaming the streets at night alone, however she could never fathom why. As she walks back to her family home passing the bricked wall pub, three men come out. They notice the young maiden and approach her, as she calmly stands her ground. The three men look dangerous, intimidating, and each different from size to appearance. The most overweight man introduced himself as a man named “Gula“, then the skinniest to the left tells her his is Ira, and the average size one with dark black hair tells her his name is Covet. Evangeline seems suspicious about their nature and what they intend to talk about with a mere young lady. The men had only one thing in common…the color of their clothing; all black. All black could only signify as a Cultists.

“What’s a pretty lady like you doing around at such a late time?” Gula said.

“If you must know I descended on a walk” she replied.

“Oh, look she speaks…hey kid shouldn’t you be at home in bed, don’t you have school or something in the morning?” Covet angrily says.

The men get closer and before they can lay a hand on her she began to run. She ran as fast as she could back home, never looking back she made before they could catch her.

“Where have you been? What did I tell you about being out late!” Porte may began to protest. “I’m sorry, Papa” she tried to console. “Evangeline, just go to your bedchamber” he said.


The next morning was brutal for her, she felt as if someone had rip her out of the family. As she laid on her bed staring out of the window her eye made a glance toward the largest castle in northern Latium. The castle in which the benevolent King Aileron ruled with his wife Catherine. She wondered what it would be like to live in a castle, with servants, expensive trinkets, royal attire, and there was an endless amount of civilians waiting to admire her. However, Evangeline’s fantasy was cut short when her mother Elise came through the room.

“Evangeline, come, quick. Fredrick just asked for your sisters hand in marriage!” she exclaimed.

“Her what!” she shockingly replied.

The two women hurried to see the debauchery which was unfolding in front of their eyes. The fairest ones eyes widened as if the moon was quickly moving through it phases in seconds.

“Yes, yes, yes! A million times yes! My love.” Ursula said.

Do her eyes deceive her? “What a joke, a humorists pure. Such a satirical talk of marriage…with Ursula.” Evangeline says laughing. “Ev, your sister is getting married” Porte may says.

The smile on her face faded into a much puzzled look. “Do you feel a difference of like and love between Ursula and I?” Evangeline asks Fredrick. “He does not love you!” Ursula said. “Really, he said after loving me he could love no other.” she bragged as if her beauty was not enough. Her mother shouts her name showing no laud, which Evangeline defends her contradiction. “Envious! Evangeline your heart is full of treachery and vainness. You may look beautiful on the outside but you stand before me and all I see is ugliness inside and out. As a matter of fact I feel sorry for you, your pathetic! No man would ever love you for your personality. Enjoy your looks sister dear, you won’t have them forever!”

Evangeline looked amazed at what her sister had just implied. Never in her life had anyone questioned her beauty until Ursula revolted and pointed out her flaws. She fled in embarrassment, it was the first time a gathering of people stared her down and compared her to everyone else. She jogged down the road until her house was no longer visible, and toward the shrine. As she entered the mirrors on the walls reflected her every move. Looking astonished as she stared deeply into the most prestigious and largest one of all. Beginning to admire her self-illusion. Even dust-filled trinkets showed how beautiful she was and throughout her entire life mirrors were her friends. Turning to her side she began to twirl her hair then back to the front, and as her luminous hair being twirled through her estrous fingers her reflection began to fade. As her eyes opened like a butterflies wings opening for the first time she noticed many differences in her appearance; her skin, not as it use to be but as dry and crustily obscure with the bags under her eyes that matched perfectly with her grayish hair. Seeing her age heavily she turned away, horrified and frighten. Her bosom moved up and down in despair as she sunk into the floor on all four knees.

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