my street ....... HELP

TRUE 100% true


1. The strange girl

last week or two weeks ago I saw this figure not fully coloured very pale and faded I wasent afraid at all though it was the the fact she was a little girl in the afternoon in a dressing gown holding a teddy bear that creeped me out, She had brown short hair about 5 or 6 she was sad she was crying moning and groaning she had a very frail body she was cute though ceepy i felt bad for her i thought she was sick so i went out to see if she was ok. when I went out i asked her for her name she said Annabeth then I asked if she wanted to play with me she said yes Iwent to hold her hand and take her to my home and get some cloths and medecine and to take her to the docter when I took her hand she vanished. I ran home without a second though I went to the chappel the next day to tell the priest but he wasent there. when I was walking home I saw the girl again I said Annabeth Im not frighened of you and i would like to play with you I would like to take to a docter and or get you berried because I no you are a ghost its ok I and not afraid of ghosts ok now take my hand. She tried but when her cold hand felt my warmth she did not go to to thin air she simpily evaporated into dust. the next day I went to visit my grandpa in the grave yard and right beside his grave was a grave I had never seen there before and I go to the grave yard every day If there was a fruneral I would simply kiss his stone and walk away the grave stone had been ingraved Annebeth Mariy Mcenna I would of been happy for Annebeth but my last name is Mckenna. I left her a flower and ran away I visit her every day now along with my pa I say hello to my sister or my cousin...


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