The boy next door

Maddie was only fifteen when she moved into 10 Pilot Drive. Escaping her old life was the one thing she needed, but not everything works out how you want it to. Maddie falls in love with the boy next door Michael who is perfect and beyond. She keeps telling herself he will never fall for her but what will happen at 10 Pilot Drive? Will she get her fairy tale ending? Is Michael all he seems? What's the secret of Pilot Drive?


10. Trying to understand

We fell into silence, just enjoying one another's company as I decided to put on a film grabbing anyone and putting it on. I was pulled quickly back into Michael's arms and cuddled into him feeling happy that everything seemed back to normal, even though I knew a conversation about Michael's mum and her abuse towards him was looming. I tried to push it aside but every-time I looked at him and saw his poor eye I just kept being reminded, I knew he would open up eventually... well I hoped he would but it must be hard to open up about. He may not even understand the reason why it happens, it is just common knowledge to him I guess. I would never understand how a mother could hit her own child but there is always two sides to every story, there is no point deciding our opinion on one side because that would be biased, even though my anger towards Victoria is reaching uncontrollable I have to try and listen...try. Michael coughed lightly and readjusted me in his lap, "I think I need to explain to you all, you all deserve an explanation especially Mads," Michael announced as I paused the film all turning our attention on him, "well I guess the first time my mum raised her hand at me was after my brother left I said something that I can't really remember now but it upset her so she lashed out. It got worse after my dad left us when we needed him most to hook up with a younger woman who he had been seeing behind my mum's back for a while. This morning, she lashed out because my brother tried to call me again and I didn't answer it, so my mum got suspicious and edgy. She asked me who it was and I just tried to avoid the question until the point of which she was yelling in my face to tell her saying she had a right to know, what she did. I shrugged it off again saying I should tidy my room in case you guys came back round later, she grabbed me back asked me one more time, in which once again I denied an answer. Then she hit me, straight after she walked off leaving me there stunned as she had not hit me that hard ever, it was only light slaps to acknowledge respect I guess but today she just flipped. I have never seen her like that, it scared me awfully. Now here I am, with this as proof of how my mother acts and every-time she apologizes I know deep down if she meant it she would stop," Michael explained as his voice caught a few times but he pushed it off and I knew he was trying to be brave whether or not it was breaking him inside. Everyone looked stunned all mirroring my facial expression earlier, I just kissed him lightly. Trying to reassure him as I felt Jay sigh lightly and Hayley nudge him as I turned around, my face dropped when I saw Jay's, he was on the verge of tears as well. Like literally, I couldn't see another boy cry. I nestled into Michael's arms as he pulled me closer seeing everyone's expression didn't help, I just hoped they would stay together.. Michael needed the support, we all did really. I mean it's not everyday you learn something like this about a boy you've known so long in the boy's point of view they could run away but I could tell they wouldn't. "Mate.. I'm so sorry we didn't realize sooner, you just said it was sport injuries and we believed you knowing how competitive you get," Matty announced breaking the silence as he squeezed Michael's shoulder lightly and everyone nodded agreeing, at that moment I felt so isolated. I mean these five people have known each other for so long, I was the new comer with my own history, they all obviously had enough on their plate so I was going to have my own battles like I always do. I couldn't get them involved, I wouldn't let Michael in knowing his past now sort of scared me thinking he was being threatened. I shuddered and Michael looked at me confused, I just smiled and shrugged kissing his cheek to reassure him as the home phone rang loud and clear. I jumped up and picked up the phone, "Hello?"
"Hey there little sis," I heard my brother Frankie say. I squealed realizing how much I missed him since he left for university like six months ago! 
"Oh my god I've missed you so much you twat face, why did you have to leave me!" I yelled down the phone a I felt Michael wrap his arms round my waist.
"I miss you too sis, I heard you've moved in and you've got yourself a boy and don't blame mum I tricked her into telling me!"
"You suck for leaving, the house is awesome.. come visit soon! I bet you did, yeah he's amazing and I kid think I'm in love with him," I tried to whisper into the phone as I was embarrassed to say it to Michael since we'd only been dating a few days really.
"Aw my little sis is growing up but remember if he breaks your heart I'll break his face," I heard Michael chuckled hearing my brother as he teased me by kissing my neck.
"He knows bro, anyhow what's happening your end? When you coming down?"
"Breath! Not much uni's hell and miss you guys. Gonna try come down with Josh this weekend if mum's alright with it!"
"Aw Yay  I miss you two crazy freaks!" Josh was Frankie's best friend joined at the hip since they were toddlers and been each other's wing man since. They make me laugh and always there for me, it's more like having two brothers instead of one. 
"We miss you two sis, Josh says hi to you and he loves you ha ha. I've got to go, I'll call tomorrow or skype you bye!" He said in a hurry then I heard the dial tone. I turned round to face Michael kissing him on the cheek lightly happy he was smiling after everything that had happened today. "I better not break your heart as I have two brothers after me if I even think about breaking your heart... what I promise I won't!" Michael said to me as he kissed  my lips.
"Frankie's my brother and Josh's his best mate but like a brother to me ah. Yeah I know you won't break my heart... I love you boo!" I replied and kissed him again to see the group gathering round us.
"Oi you two, stop kissing. Want to head to skate-park?" Jay asked with his arm tightly round Hayley's waist as I smiled.
"Course mate, I can grab my skateboard and then we'll head out!" Michael replied as I grabbed my keys and phone. We left quickly and Michael ran over to his as he grabbed his skateboard from the hall and a jumper passing it to me. "I'm fine boo, keep it for yourself!" I said.
"No you're mine and I want you to have it," Michael replied as he helped me put it on then kissed me as he dropped his board and pulled me on, "show me our skills?" Michael winked at me and I just shrugged and started skating off up the road, turned round and headed back to them. They all cheered mockingly and I smiled passing Michael back the board as we all headed to the skate-park or the boy's houses.

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