The boy next door

Maddie was only fifteen when she moved into 10 Pilot Drive. Escaping her old life was the one thing she needed, but not everything works out how you want it to. Maddie falls in love with the boy next door Michael who is perfect and beyond. She keeps telling herself he will never fall for her but what will happen at 10 Pilot Drive? Will she get her fairy tale ending? Is Michael all he seems? What's the secret of Pilot Drive?


2. "This is Maddie..."

We spoke for another hour about everything to do with Michael, Westcliffe Grammar, his friends/family, everything and I try to avoid talking about myself saying I just wanted a new start. I felt comfortable round Michael knowing I could probably trust him, but I wasn't about to tell him any of my past just yet. Only my mum, dad, brother and I know, not even the rest of family know. I mean it's a big secret too much to throw on to someone I have just met at all. "Michael!" I heard his mother call up my stairs, as we automatically rose from the bed, making me realize he had moved. "Coming mum," he called back down the stairs then turned to face me, "we are going skate-park tomorrow around two want to come?" He asked looking almost as though he would plea for me to go.
"Sure, sounds fun! I'll unpack some boxes in the morning, then knock when you're leaving, yeah?" I responded, Michael nodded in response then waved at me as he left my room, running down the stairs. I stayed up stairs, hoping mum would leave me in peace to unpack a few of my boxes so I could go out to meet Michael's friends tomorrow. I picked up my clothe boxes, knowing I need to find a perfect outfit if I was to impress them. I shoveled through at least five out of seven boxes until I decided on my outfit, purple skinny jeans I was wearing today with my drop-dead sweat top and navy blue vans. I thought it was a suitable outfit, as I followed Michael's sense of fashion which he was wearing. After that, I emptied the rest of the seven boxes and placed the clothes in either my chest of draws or my wardrobe making more and more space on my bed, I shoved some boxes into a corner recognizing them as just ornaments I could do whenever I have more time. I grabbed a box with my laptop and any other means of technology placing it on a oak desk that sat just below the window facing Michael's house, I looked out not expecting to see anything, I saw Michael sitting at a desk on his laptop with his phone next to him looking utterly confused, I chuckled to myself grabbing some paper of my laptop.
 You alright?xxx I scribbled on a piece of paper, then held it to the window as he looked up.Yeah ha ha, forgot you could see me. While we're talking, what's your number?xxxx
Ha ha loser!:-) one sec xxxx, I scribbled in response grabbing my phone and checking my number. I scribbled it down to see Michael's message Oi! Be nice, or I won't text you ;-) xxxxx

079358438548 and you know you will though ;-)xxxxx
Yeah, I will now ;-) xxxxx 
Good boy ;-) xxxxx I wrote back as I saw him grab his phone and text someone, I heard my phone beep beside me and smiled automatically. I looked down to see a text, 'you're the loser ;-) xxxxx'. I laughed to myself, we only just met but it felt as though we had know each other for ages now. 'Oh nice, thanks a bunch loser ;-) xxxxx  I text back rolling my eyes slightly then looked out the window to see Michael sticking his tongue out at me, I stuck mine out back then saved his number as 'LOSER'. He was such an idiot, oh god he was but he made an effort that's what I loved. "Maddie, dinner if you want!" My mum called as I climbed down the stairs to see many empty boxes cluttering our hallway, at least that was less to do I suppose. I walked to the kitchen to smell tuna pasta lingering in the air, my favorite  I sat down at the the dinner table pushing a box with plates and cutlery in out of my way, grabbing a knife and fork I waited for mum to bring it over. The plate was put in front of me with a slow thud, I started to eat feeling a wave of tiredness wash over me. I knew I would end up falling asleep the minute my head hit a pillow, last night I had no sleep stressed about the move now I've met Michael I'm not nervous anymore, I'm happy this whole move could be the best thing that happens. I finished, placing my plate on the side and walking up the two flights of stairs hearing my bed calling, I lay down as I felt my eyes get heavy, night.


"Maddie darling, wake up! It's nine thirty," I heard my mum say as my eyes fluttered open to daylight seeping in to my attic room, I smiled. Good weather for a day out, I thought to myself. I stretched as I saw my mum with a tray, aw how sweet of her breakfast in bed, YES! "Morning mummy, thank you for breakfast. Can I go out with Michael later to meet his friends?" I said taking the tray from my mum then taking a sip of freshly squeezed orange juice. 

"Of course Hun  he seems like a lovely boy who'll be a great friend." My mum replied, she smiled tapping my arm lightly. I smiled at her, taking my fork and knife starting with my breakfast. This should be a good day as I heard my phone vibrated next to me. 'LOSER' flashed up on my screen, making me laugh slightly I grabbed my phone opening the text, 'OI LOSER. GET YOUR BUM OUT OF BED AND ROUND MINE xxxxx  Oh he was so nice to wake up to in the morning, I quickly replied, 'Oh how polite. Be there in 15. xxxxx  I jumped off the bed leaving the tray for my mum to take and getting dressed in the clothes I had picked out the following day. I was so nervous to meet Michael's friends I mean, what if they don't like me. I kept looking down at my outfit hoping that it didn't look like I tried to hard. I grabbed my rucksack, chucking random things in along with my iPod  headphones and phone kissed mum good-bye and ran out the door. I walked towards Michael's house to see no cars in the drive, knocking on the door I could hear heavy footsteps run down the hall followed by a faint yip. Michael was so lucky to have a dog, I've always wanted one. The door swung open to reveal Michael with bed hair and two border terriers in his arms, I laughed as he grinned ushering me in his house. It smelt faintly of cinnamon reminding me of Christmas, making me smile more. I followed Michael into the living room as he collapsed on the sofa grinning as the puppies scrabbled free. They bounded over as I collapsed on the floor making a massive fuse, I looked up to see Michael smiling at me with his eyes glistening, "what?" I questioned smiling.

"I never released you were a dog lover, I could never guess." Michael explained as his smile broadened joining me on the floor tickling one of the puppies tummies.

"Yeah, my mum doesn't have time to look after one unfortunately! I didn't know you suited bed hair," I replied smirking as he blushed trying to sort his hair out, I grabbed his hand and messed it up again.

"HEY!" He shouted in protest going to tickle me. He grabbed my waist as I tried to scrabble away, but I was too slow as he tickled me making me screech, the dogs barked making me jump and Michael rise off me letting me free. I glared at him jokingly, as the doorbell rang loud and clear, he grabbed my hand as we headed to the door. I was confused, wondering who it could be, Michael flung open the door to show three boys in skate gear holding two long boards and a skate board. They strolled in as I was positioned half behind the door. As we walked towards the living room as they all plonked on the sofa, leaving me standing awkwardly in the doorway. The puppies yapped at my feet as I picked them both up, the boys turned stopping dead and staring at me. I blushed as Michael got up and brought me forward keeping his arm loosely round my waist, "Guys, be nice. This is Maddie... my new next door neighbor  Maddie this is George, Matty and Jay!" Michael announced pointing to a blonde headed boy George, the next with a scruffy hat called Matty and the final one who was flaming hot Jay. 

"Damnnn!!" Jay announced, as Matty wolf whistled making me blush even more. George nodded and they scotched up to make room for me on the sofa. I walked forward joining the boys as Michael stood there in shock, "fine replace me then boys, the minute a hot girl appears you ditch me nice lads!" Michael announced making me chuckle. "Oh hush up, you always get the hot ones. Give us a chance mate," Jay complained jokingly, I shock my head laughing as the dogs bound on mine and Jay's lap, with Michael jumping on top of Matty next to me. 

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