The boy next door

Maddie was only fifteen when she moved into 10 Pilot Drive. Escaping her old life was the one thing she needed, but not everything works out how you want it to. Maddie falls in love with the boy next door Michael who is perfect and beyond. She keeps telling herself he will never fall for her but what will happen at 10 Pilot Drive? Will she get her fairy tale ending? Is Michael all he seems? What's the secret of Pilot Drive?


12. The night to make promises


We walked back into the living room with smiles spread across our faces; we collapsed on the sofa in each other's arms. "I hope Jay doesn't mess it up!" Michael announced almost seeming worried that there was a chance he could.
"I know me too; they seem so perfect together and always making one another smile!" I replied remembering what they were like at the skate-park.
"Just like us then," Michael said and winked at me as I shoved him playfully, "you've asked for it!" I squealed as Michael tickled me unaware of how ticklish I really was. I rolled around trying to get out of his grasp as he suddenly stopped. He pulled away looking shocked as he grabbed me by my wrists, I sunk into myself realizing he must of seen my hip and the scars they hide so well. "Maddie..." He whispered as I looked down at my lap, feeling embarrassed to make eye contact with him at all, "please Maddie..." he pleaded as I tried to not catch his eye knowing the expression it would hold and I knew it too well... disappointment, shock and everything I don't want to see on his beautiful face. 
"I'm...s...sorry!" I stuttered still avoiding contact.
"Please..." He asked one more time letting go of one of my wrists so he could pull my face to level his own.
"I...I..." For the first time since I meet Michael I found myself completely speechless and ashamed of myself. He believed I was this perfect, innocent girlfriend but everyone has a past... some more terrifying than others.
"Please... try to explain..." He whispered once again as he entwined my fingers with his making my heart flutter at a single touch. 
"Okay, but please try to understand..." That's when I let everything out.... everything. Some of the things I hadn't even told my brother and he knew everything of course. I told him about my past, my family, my dad, the bullying I suffered, losing everyone close to me, trying to commit suicide, the start of my self-harm... everything. It felt good to let everything I had bottled up for so long out but Michael's reaction was not reassuring. He looked stunned and I thought to myself how much he must regret even looking my way now. I felt hot tears roll down my cheeks as I pulled away from him and hid my face in shame. His reaction lingered in my mind; it was pity but something else like guilt. I didn't quite understand as I felt Michael try to lightly pull my hands away from my face so I had to look at him. "Mads..." He started but stopped himself, "I'm so sorry... I... I never knew... I feel as though I should have done something to protect you..." He stopped again as I saw tears welling up in his eyes making me cry more heavily.
"Baby... it's not your fault... I didn't know you then... I moved here to get away from it all... then I fell in love with the most amazing guy..." I replied as I smiled lightly at him as he wiped stray tears away from my cheeks.
"Maddie... I love you just after such a short time and please promise me something?" Michael announced I looked at him as he smiled lightly.
"Anything," I whispered.
"Never feel like your worthless, never do this again, please promise me?" He responded and I sighed heavily and he would never understand how hard it was to stop once you've started...
"I promise..." I said half-heartily but knew I must stick to it as it was in my best interest.
"Thank you, once you've made a promise please never break it!" He kissed me lightly making us both smile and I realized for the first time in a while a lot of weight had been taken of my shoulders. We just lay back down on to the sofa as I felt my eyes grow heavy as I tried to fight it.  "Baby, you need to go to bed!" Michael told me as I just nodded in response too tired to answer, I felt myself being lifted from the couch and safely in Michael's arms he took me upstairs to my room and quickly laid me down gently on my bed. "Don't leave me," I whispered as Michael tucked me in and kissed my forehead. He smiled lightly as he pulled away and crouched down by my side. "Never baby, I promise." He replied as I just smiled and kissed him lightly before snuggling down and letting my tiredness take over. 

I woke up to see Michael leaning against my bed his eyes slowly drooping and I smiled so happy he was still here like he promised. "Michael..." I whispered lightly as I climbed out of bed and sat next to him on the floor, "mmm..." he murmured as he yawned and he rested his head lightly on mine.
"Aw boo, I'm sorry I should of told you were the guest room is, so you could of left to sleep in there!" I replied suddenly feeling upset with myself for forgetting about Michael and his sleeping arrangements.
"It's fine boo, I said I wouldn't leave I could of probably found it myself but I didn't want to leave your side!" He told me as he shuffled making himself more comfortable before pulling me on to his lap facing him. I kissed him lightly, "aw you cutie." I said smiling but got up against Michael's will and pulled him with me wondering if my mum was back. He shuffled behind me always trying to pull me back in his arms and tickle me lightly as I saw my mum climbing the stairs in her night wear already. "Oh hi mum, we were just coming down to see if you were back yet," I announced as we stopped on the landing as we talked to my mum.
"Oh hi you two, I saw you both asleep when I first arrived so I left you asleep!" My mum replied as I hugged her and Michael smiled and hugged her as well. I bite my lip at how cute he truly was.
"Oh yeah, I forgot to tell Michael where the guest room is, so I was about to show him," I explained as my mum nodded.
"Well, I'm off to bed now kiddies, don't stay up too late or you'll be tired," my mum said sarcastically as we laughed and said good night to her. As she went in to her room I realized how Michael hadn't brought any nightwear or clothes to change into. "Baby, what are you going to change into?" I asked curiously. He laughed lightly as he pulled me into his arms.
"I thought I might wear nothing," he replied winking at me as I laughed then cringed when I had one moment of thinking he was serious.
"Please keep that for your house baby," I told him whilst winking back at him and pulling him towards the guest room situated at the back of the house. 

The guest room had four plain cream walls with a huge bay window with light brown curtains hung each side of it. Letting the dark night fill the room as the stars twinkled above, the room was untouched as my mum had brought in bedding, making the bed and set the room up to look presentable to say the least. I was happy mum done so I mean it helped us look organized. 

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