The boy next door

Maddie was only fifteen when she moved into 10 Pilot Drive. Escaping her old life was the one thing she needed, but not everything works out how you want it to. Maddie falls in love with the boy next door Michael who is perfect and beyond. She keeps telling herself he will never fall for her but what will happen at 10 Pilot Drive? Will she get her fairy tale ending? Is Michael all he seems? What's the secret of Pilot Drive?


3. The boys

"Seriously?" I slightly complained getting crushed by Michael's legs. I jumped up taking my chance to get away. I was standing up, just as I felt arms wrap round my waist bringing me down. I looked behind me as I landed on someone's lap to see Michael grinning, I scowled at him once again but rested happily in his arms and placed my legs over all the boys laps. They were just so easy to get on with, within five minutes I felt as though they were my brothers, my best friends. I relaxed further into Michael's arms, as he tightened his grip round  my waist pulling me closer. I smiled as we all relaxed, I thought it would be nice to if it was just us as I heard the doorbell ring louder. "I'll get it," Matty called and all the boys sighed. I looked at Michael and he gave me a look that would tell me he would explain later. I heard two people walk in and Matty walked back in with two girls holding one of their hands. "Hey guys and um . girl," The girl holding Matty's hand said as she pushed her auburn hair out of her face, I smiled politely as they took a seat on the other sofa with a small girl who looked our age still with jet black hair. She seemed awkwardly, turning away from Jay as he shuffled with his feet, I could tell there must be some awkward past I would break out of either the un-named girl or Jay later on. "Oh yeah, hi I'm Kate, Matty's girlfriend, we are so happy!" The first girl squealed grabbing Matty's arm affectionately, "and this is Hayley, Jay's girlfriend but not!" Kate answered my question as I felt Jay stiffen underneath my feet and Hayley look away from the crowd. She caught my eye and I smiled reassuringly, "I'm Maddie. I've just moved in next door." I explained politely, as Hayley smiled at me. I could tell I would be friends with Hayley we seemed quite similar, hating to be center of attention unlike Kate. "Well, you've met the boys and our extras," Michael said as I chuckled and so did Hayley. 

"OI! We aren't just 'extras'!" Kate complained giving Matty puppy eyes I looked at Michael as he rolled his eyes, poor them. I could tell they only put up with her for Matty, that could be a problem."Can I have a drink?" I asked Michael as he dragged me up and heading to the kitchen with the puppies close behind. We got to the open space kitchen scattered with amazing technology. Oh my, they were rich and that was an understatement! "Explain that," I asked as Michael grabbed a glass and passed it to me.

"Ah well, Jay and Hayley went out before Matty and Kate, a few months in there was this massive party at mine. We all got drunk, Jay and Kate kissed ending Jay and Hayley, but Kate blamed Jay for everything and that's basically it really. It was the worst thing, George stayed out of it as he has a girlfriend in Norfolk. I was almost nearly put in the middle, it was hell! But it's sorted and Hayley and Jay like one another again but they are unaware of the other's feelings. And I'm single since ever ha ha!" Michael explained in one big hurry, wow. That was a lot of drama and my heart fluttered when I found out Michael was single. "Oh right, wow a lot of drama. Why don't they just admit it? I'll talk to Hayley, she seems nice and I can see us being friends hopefully. All the boys are flirts and so nice, thanks for introducing me!" I replied giving Michael a hug, he pulled me closer breaking any gap between us, my heart skipped a beat. I couldn't like him already, I barely know him. He stepped away smiling as our hands linked, he pulled me towards the door for the living room. We walked in to see Matty and Jay sitting on George hitting him with pillows and Hayley laughing on the floor, I looked round to see Kate sitting with her arms crossed unimpressed. Dear me. "Come on, get off! We need to tell Maddie the stories of this road," George requested as I was confused.

"AH yes, the stories! Maddie sit!" George commanded revealing a strong irish accent. I took a seat on the sofa with Michael joining me and Matty and Kate on the other sofa, with Jay and Hayley on the floor. George stood up in front of us, "now it all started a while back," George started. Michael put his arm around me, as Benny and April (the puppies) jumped on our laps and curled up. George continued, "there was a middle-aged couple living next to Michael, in your house Mads. They were an average couple, craving for children but were unable to have one. They adopted a twelve year old boy called Jacob, he was know to have anger issue and a very short temper, he could snap at any point with the click of his things. He was a very isolated kid, getting home schooling only talking to his adopted parents and tutor. He got obsessed with weapons, wanting to collect knifes and swords from different eras." George stopped again to get a drink, leaving me hanging wanting to know what happened. He came back grabbed a pillow and sat down in front of Michael and I once again, "Okay, the couple let him collect the weapons unaware that he would do any harm of course, he was only twelve at the time. His anger was under control, until one night... October. It was around nine at night, in which the boy would be getting ready for bed. The couple had not seen or heard anything from him all day, the man walked up the stairs to the attic room closely followed by his wife. They knocked on the door once, twice... three times. No reply was given, they opened the door slowly showing the room as it always was, they took a step in, "Jacob," the man called as he wasn't at his usual spot next to the window. They walked further in to look in the attaching en suite, he needed his space you see. They couldn't find him there. They started to search round the house wondering whether he had left to go in the garden without them even realizing. The couple scanned the garden as it flooded with light from their garden lights, no sign. After an hour of searching, they took one quick scan of the house separating to see whether they could find him before phoning for help." George stopped once again, and I knew he was doing it on purpose I could feel Michael against me as his grip got tighter. "They searched from top to toe leaving his room until last, they walked in with the father in front to see a trail of bloody footsteps leading to the window pane, a knife glistened in the moon light in a crimson glow. Jacob's blood. They searched hard following the blood trail leading to the basement, one step, two step, three step, four steps.... five. They reached the bottom which concealed an oak cracked door open wide as a cold breeze hit them... encircling them. A metallic taste in the air almost like blood, the lights flickered on to show Jacob hanging as though he was swinging back and fourth. Blood dripping from his lifeless body. The wife screamed, running away from the basement calling for help... but it was too late for poor little Jacob, he just swung as his blood fell. No-one knew why he killed himself but soon after the couple disappeared from the public eye saying that they heard Jacob at night, walking through the house in search for his precious weapons that ended his life." George stopped as I realized I was shaking and my hands had become all clammy. 

"Gorgeous, are you alright?" I heard Michael whisper in my ear, I nodded my head wanting to show I wasn't easily scared. His fingers entwined in both of mine, I sank in to his body as I shifted my legs over his. George laughed at me, "aw the new girl's scared," he said smiling like a fool as Jay chuckled lightly receiving a smack from Hayley. 

"Shut up you," I snapped glaring at George then everyone looked shocked so I laughed to show them I was joking. Michael squeezed my hand, and I smiled at him. My phone vibrated in my back pocket, I pulled it out to see a text from my mum, 'meeting up with Michael's mum, will be in really late, love mum xx' I quickly typed a response to let her know it's fine and hope she has fun. Michael took my hands back in his and stroked his fingers along my knuckles, I yawned as I realized how tired I really was. I smiled as the whole room also yawned lightly, yawns were so contagious. "I'm going to grab a drink, anyone want one?" I offered as I stood up collecting my glass off the side, everyone nodded as Michael followed knowing he would know what they wanted and was offering to help me I assumed. We reached the kitchen for me to be suddenly turned round and land in Michael's arm to see him grinning, "what?" I questioned dropping my arms round his neck.

"Oh, well I'm just happy to have such a beautiful and amazing girl in my arms," Michael announced I smiled and hugged him. We stood there in each other's arm happily still, as I thought of a question bugging me ever since George told the story, "is the story true?" I questioned curiously stepping away from Michael and grabbing more glasses from the cupboard I mesmerized from the last time Michael got me my glass. Michael shrugged, "I'm not entirely sure, there are so many stories going round it is hard to know the truth." He answered my question not putting my mind at rest. I sighed, I had been in my new house for not even a full day and I was already scared of it. I told myself to get a grip as Michael grabbed a tray loading all the drinks on it and pointing in the direction of the door. I opened it for him and he walked through to the living room, everyone grabbed their drinks as I followed Michael in, I saw George had taken my spot on the sofa leaving me with nowhere to sit. I was about to grab the pillow on the floor when Michael poked me and tapped his lap, I rolled my eyes at him and smiled taking my place on his lap quite happily. "Umm.. Maddie odd question but do you play c.o.d or any video games?"I heard Jay ask.

"I've always want to play c.o.d but no-one would teach me," I explained as all the boys seemed astonished and both the girls rolled their eyes.

"I would happily teach you Mads, I mean if you want I could teach you now my Xbox is upstairs?" Michael answered while I faced him, I nodded eagerly as everyone got up and headed towards the stairs, I thought I heard Michael sigh but wasn't sure as I took his hand and we walked to his bedroom. I heard everyone arguing from behind a door just opposite the staircase. We walked in revealing Michael's room, with baby blue walls except on statement dark sea blue wall scattered with multiple pictures from skating, friends, family I assumed. It was so Michael I chuckled as Michael poked me and glared jokingly. "Guys, shove! Mads and I need to sit there so I can teach her or you can shove off and leave!" Michael beckoned as they girls and jay and Matty got up to leave, slowly followed by George. I looked at Michael shocked he sent his friends away just for me. "They decided to go, I just want you all to myself Mads. I can get them back if you want or I can actually teach you?" Michael sort of explained I just nodded in response taking a seat on his bed next to the window you can see my room from and opposite his flat-screen picked up a controller and walked over to me placing it in my hands, then sitting behind me pulling me into his warm, comfy body. I smiled slightly, as I thought about how much we just clicked. "Okay, ready?" Michael questioned as his fingers entwined in mine as I took hold of the controller and the T.V buzzed to life. He started teaching me the basic moves, as I learnt the ropes to me it was utterly confusing but as a half an hour passed I was getting into the game, shouting as though the other players could hear my disgrace if they put a foot wrong. I finally went into a live match, against many different people and found that there was another girl on my team. That made it seem easier to me, as she told me to follow her every move... I'm not sure how long the game lasted for but my team won. I jumped with glee as Michael hugged me from behind, I was beaming happy that I was on the winning team even if I done barely anything towards it. After that, I turned to face Michael dropping my hands in his lap as his arms rested softly around my waist, I couldn't help but smile as I looked up to see him already looking at me. I blushed looking down, "you are so beautiful I can't believe you are this shy," Michael announced taking one of his hands and slowing raising my head to be in line with his own. His eyes glistened as I bite my lip and shook my head slightly in strong disagreement. I had never been told I was beautiful it sent butterflies to my tummy instantly, he pushed my hair away from my face sending sparks down my spine and slowly lifted my head. "You are and always will be beautiful," Michael whispered leaning slowly in, he stopped when he was about an inch away looking at me for reassurance. I smiled and he leaned in with our lips touching lightly. I could feel him smile against my lips as he slowly pulled away staring into my eyes deeply. This moment couldn't be more perfect...

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