The boy next door

Maddie was only fifteen when she moved into 10 Pilot Drive. Escaping her old life was the one thing she needed, but not everything works out how you want it to. Maddie falls in love with the boy next door Michael who is perfect and beyond. She keeps telling herself he will never fall for her but what will happen at 10 Pilot Drive? Will she get her fairy tale ending? Is Michael all he seems? What's the secret of Pilot Drive?


5. Sleepover!

A chorus of 'aw's filled the room as the boys tried to act like girls, hugging us and saying how happy they were for us. Oh my! When suddenly Michael's phone rang, he found his phone and answered it putting us all on edge. "Hey mum," Michael answered the phone as the whole room sighed in relief. "Yeah okay, I'll tell the boys and can Mads stay as well? Okay thanks mum. Have a good time. Love you too, bye!" The phone call was brief but put Michael in a good mood, "mum said you can all stay over including Mads if you want? As my mum and Mads' are going out together and might crash at a hotel if it gets too late!" Michael explained as the boys jumped up and down excitedly. 
"If that's okay with all of you, I'd love to stay as thanks to George I don't really want to be alone in my house at all!" I replied as I fake punched Josh and the boys laughed. We all suddenly became very hyper as the boys decided they wanted to make a den in the living room, so we grabbed all the blankets, pillows, duvets etc. that we could find and took them downstairs. I was put in charge of den building as they thought I was the most sensible... haha! It took around twenty minutes to build our den and make sure we could all fit in it quite comfortably, we arranged where we would sleep and shared out the pillows and blankets (well the ones we didn't use to make the den). The order was: Jay, Me, Michael, George and Matty. They made Michael and I promise we wouldn't do anything 'naughty' in our den as if we did we would be banned and ignored for the rest of the evening. I got up and asked if I could pop back to mine to grab a change of clothes, food, drink and movies for our sleepover, they all agreed and said they would come along and protect me from the big bad ghosts that might be lingering in my house. I just think they wanted to see my room to be honest; we walked out the house and headed to mine as I found my front door key in my back pocket. They all followed me upstairs and tried to do some ninja moves to check if there was any impostors. "My heroes " I called as I reached my room and grabbed a travel bag off the floor stuffing nightwear, clothes and whatever else I would need for the sleepover. "Ma'am it is safe, you may go to your kitchen," Jay announced making me laugh hard as they followed me once again to my kitchen where I grabbed any food and drinks I could find shoving them in my bag for later. I  pulled open a cardboard box on the side saying 'MOVIES' grabbing most of them I also threw them in my bag realizing how heavy it had become. I turned round to see all the boys looking like excitable puppies as I saw a huge stash of chocolate on the side, all of them transfixed on to it. I laughed and put all the chocolate in my bag, picking up my phone and key I headed back out of my house with the boys closely behind. I smiled as they all went to offer to take my bag off me as it was extremely heavy. "Aw thank you boys," I said as I left my bag and they all went to take it off me.
"I should take it, I'm the gentleman!" Matty protested.
"She's my girlfriend!" Michael announced trying to take the bag.
"But she loves me the most!" Jay shouted as I laughed at how funny they were.
"I should take it, I'm the strongest!" George bellowed.
"Guys, you can all take a corner?" I suggested they all turned to face me and smiled agreeing. They took a corner each all looking complete stupid, we walked back to Michael's. Reaching the door, Michael dropped his corner and held the door open for me. I could get use to this treatment! We dropped my bag off in the living room, Michael and I escaped as the other boys started to argue about what girly film we would watch first. We went into the kitchen and grabbed glasses, drinks, bowls, sweets and whatever else we thought we would need. Michael came up behind me and hugged me round the waist, I smiled and turned to face him. "You are all bonkers but gentleman as well," I said smiling planting a light kiss on his nose.
"Yeah you haven't seen the worst of it yet," Michael replied and laughed as I placed my arms round his neck, "now kiss me before they see!" I pulled him closer and kissed him passionately. We continued for a long time until we heard the kitchen door open. I pulled away to see all the boys standing in the door covering their eyes, "ew!" Jay squealed like a little girl as Michael and I laughed. "We only came in to help you and we see that eww\!" Jay continued as I pulled away from Michael and went over to him jumping on him and kissed his cheek making him shriek, I kept laughing so much I could barely breath. After I stopped laughing, I hugged all the boys in turn and when I got to Michael I lightly kissed him on the lips, which received another "ew" from the boys. "You're just jealous!" Michael protested.
"Michael you're meant to be mine, how could you!" George announced looking heart broken.
"I'm sorry bro, it's only you I love!" Michael responded jumping into his arms.
"You're cheating on me?" Jay and Matty both said at the same time. I couldn't help but laugh.
"Oh I see!" I announced as the boys had a group hug, they shuffled towards me and pulled me to the middle of their group hug. We fell apart as I went to grab everything, the boys stopped me and took it out my hands. Still under the princess treatment I guess!

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