The boy next door

Maddie was only fifteen when she moved into 10 Pilot Drive. Escaping her old life was the one thing she needed, but not everything works out how you want it to. Maddie falls in love with the boy next door Michael who is perfect and beyond. She keeps telling herself he will never fall for her but what will happen at 10 Pilot Drive? Will she get her fairy tale ending? Is Michael all he seems? What's the secret of Pilot Drive?


11. Skate-park

We reached George's house he ran in and grabbed his board, leaving us at the end of his drive laughing about how small his car was compared to his family who apparently were very tall. After that we headed to the other's houses with Jay's being the last and just round the corner from the alleged amazing skate-park so they explained they always crashed there or Michael's. We were welcomed in by Jay's little sister who was around four and very giggly loving to see Hayley and I as I found out she was the only girl in her house, seeing as unfortunately they didn't love with their mum due to personal reasons. I just smiled as she led us to her room showing us her new princess dolls, Hayley and I insisted on playing with her for a while as the boys felt the need to have some food that Jay's dad offered all of us. The boys went downstairs leaving us with Olivia playing and almost we probably enjoyed it more than her as I didn't really have 'play-dates' as a kid.

Half an hour later, Michael came up and told us we would be leaving soon and we said our good-byes and headed downstairs to see the boys fighting over whether or not we should take Jay's spare skateboard, I knew it was in case Hayley or I wanted to skate later on as well. Of course, Matty and George were complaining about having to carry an extra board, what was a fair point, but Jay and Michael eventually won as I offered to carry it or skate there knowing I needed to build my confidence back since Frankie taught me a few years back. We set off around the corner to show a massive tarmacked area with multiple stands, poles etc. in which we would be able to skate on. I was amazed, it was magnificent compared to the one my brother use to take me to as I followed the others towards a group of boys collapsed on a grass area just away from the skating area. Everyone high-fived and said their hellos as I stood still awkwardly not sure how they might react, eventually Jay pulled me closer towards everyone and introduced me as I counted five other guys all wearing similar clothes to the boys and having similar hair-cuts. I just smiled as they all said hello to me and I could feel everyone watching me as Michael dragged me down next to him, "so what brings such a beautiful girl such as yourself to the skate-park?" One boy called Alfie questioned and I felt my confidence grow inside.
"Well, you know nothing better to do than watch guys humiliate themselves," I replied winking at him as everyone laughed and he looked at me shocked.
"Oh I see, you seem cocky. Can you skate?" Alfie asked and I just smiled at him getting up grabbing the spare skateboard. I went over to an empty space and started to show off I must admit, they all looked stunned as I reached them again even Michael and the boys. Hayley clapped in applause as I laughed bowing, before I could say anything Michael announced, "back off she's mine!" Making me laugh harder as everyone joined in.
"You've picked well mate, I'll give you that!" Alfie replied winking at me. I smiled and rested against Michael as he pulled me closer and draped his arm round my waist.
"Hey, you've had your chance with loads of pretty girls. I waited for the perfect girl and Mads came, it was worth the wait so hush up bro!" Michael joked slightly as they all started to get up and grabbed their boards heading off to skate. Hayley and I sat watching for a bit, "Mads?" Hayley said quietly I sat up from my position and faced her, "if you want to could you possibly help me get ready for my date with Jay tonight please?" She asked so politely and I smiled at her.
"Course I will, what about Katie?" I replied happy she saw me as a close enough friend to help her out with something that could make or break her and Jay's whole relationship.
"I trust you more and to be honest you are so much nicer. I know you and Jay are quite close already, also you're the reason he asked me for a second chance," Hayley told and I assumed Jay had told her everything, which I was pleased about.
"Oh yeah, I could tell you both liked each other and of course I'll help you, what time is the date?" 
"Well, I'm meeting him at his at around five o'clock I think."
"Okay, we could go to mine if you want? You can borrow some clothes or something? I could do your hair and make-up? We should probably leave soon if you want."
"Oh yes please, I was thinking of leaving in about fifteen minutes if that's okay with you!" I just nodded in response as the boys all approached us again, breathing heavily from skating around like idiots for a while. They sat down and Jay sat next to Hayley with smiles growing on both their faces with company from the other. It made me smile as Michael took my hand in his squeezing it lightly, I kissed his cheek and laid down across his lap. "Hayley and I are going to head to mine soon baby," I told Michael but knew everyone else would hear me, I heard the other boys moan slightly.
"Do you have to?" Michael moaned slightly and I just rolled my eyes kissing him again as I whispered against his lips "yes, I need to help her with her date!" He just nodded lightly and pressed his lips against mine again.
"Okay baby, you can leave now we were thinking of heading to Jay's, then leaving around four-ish and I'll come back to yours yeah?" Michael replied.
"Okay baby, you know about Jay and Hayley's date I'm guessing!" I said and he nodded.
"You know, you make everything better. You've fixed them two when no-one else could. I am so lucky to have you!" He responded as all the boys shouted "CRINGE!" We laughed as I got up said good-bye as Hayley and I started to head to mine.

We reached my house quickly as I opened the door and we headed straight up to my room, "so where are you going?" I asked so I could plan the outfit round where they would be going.
"I think we will just go to the pictures," Hayley replied as we both riffled through my wardrobe, in which we both stopped at my various hot-pants I knew she would look stunning in them. I grabbed them out seeing I had around five or six pairs... whoops ha ha! Hayley continued to admire my hot-pants as I decided that her band top and sweatshirt will go with any pair of them really well. "So, try them all on yeah?" I asked and she nodded as she grabbed them and stood behind a folded barrier placed on the other side of the room. After trying on the pairs we decided on a tie-dyed pair blue and purple gradient pattern, looking amazing with her tops. 

I started on her make-up as she told me she wanted to just highlight her eyes as Jay said he loved their sea-blue color. After doing her hair, I started on her hair agreeing that I would only lightly curl the ends on her hair as it would outline her petite face. We finished quickly to see it was only quarter past four so we collapsed downstairs and turned on the music channel. I grabbed a drink as my doorbell rang and I ran to answer it  to see Michael standing there with flowers. I smiled and opened the door jumping into his waiting arms, I kissed his cheek then let go as we walked into the living room, "roses for my beautiful girlfriend," Michael announced and I kissed his cheek as I heard Hayley 'aw' behind us. I smiled at her as Michael went up and hugged her, "Hayley I'm so glad you and Jay are trying again... I shouldn't tell you this but he hasn't been as happy as he has been since you were together today." Michael said as Hayley smiled and blushed lightly.
"Thanks Mic, that means a lot!" Hayley replied and I smiled happily. "I never stopped loving him..."
"He never ever stopped loving you, all he went on about is how he blew it with that one girl he thought he would be with forever!" Hayley just smiled at that and looked at her phone.
"Jay text me saying to come when I'm ready, I'll head over now and let you have some time alone!" Hayley announced and Michael & I walked her to the door saying good-bye and good luck. I told her to text me straight after to tell me what happened as she parted smiling.

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