The boy next door

Maddie was only fifteen when she moved into 10 Pilot Drive. Escaping her old life was the one thing she needed, but not everything works out how you want it to. Maddie falls in love with the boy next door Michael who is perfect and beyond. She keeps telling herself he will never fall for her but what will happen at 10 Pilot Drive? Will she get her fairy tale ending? Is Michael all he seems? What's the secret of Pilot Drive?


1. Moving in.

10 Pilot Drive. My new home, my new life beginning. I took a deep breath, opened our old fiesta car door taking my first proper look of the house in front of me. A simple Victorian structure, with black wooden beams outlining the unique features. My mother slammed her car door calling me, as I saw someone look out of the window next door smiling and taking me in then rushing off. I sighed, this should be interesting. "Maddie! I won't ask again!" My mum shouted as the removal van guys grabbed boxes following my mother to the oak front door with a small stained-glass window. Oh wow. She had already started ordering me about and we weren't even inside, she knew how to push my buttons I guess. I grabbed a box with massive bold writing "KITCHEN", trudging towards the stairs, I stepped up tripping over a door mat. I cursed under my breath, "are you alright?" I heard a voice come from behind me followed by arms taking the box from me, I looked up to see a handsome boy that looked around my age. I stuttered for words, "Umm.. yeah thanks." I replied trying to think straight, this boy was perfect, having black hair sweeped to one side with a muscular structure with olive skin. Oh my. He took the box readjusting it in his arms, offering me a hand to help me up from the step I sat. "Umm... My name's Michael, I live next door!" Michael explained, I smiled at him then looked at the floor just as his chocolate brown eyes twinkled. "Er.. Hi, I'm Maddie," I responded smiling again but still looking at the floor as I walked closer to the door, turning to take the box Michael shook his head and pointed towards the door. I walked through remembering the kitchen was near the back of the house, I went through as I heard Michael closely follow. "Mum," I called into the emptiness of our new house looking round hating the fact it was so empty and un-homely. 
"Upstairs love!" I heard her call, after her anger burst earlier I was glad it had passed as Michael was around. I pointed towards a counter where Michael placed the box then faced me.
"So.. Umm.. I'm Michael, I thought I should introduce myself and I am always here if you need help around the neighbor hood. Yeah, I don't know what else to say really!" Michael said formally introducing himself properly as he stumbled and I could tell he was nervous as I do the exact thing.
"Thanks, I'm Maddie. Thanks, I may call you up on your offer as I know no-one around here, if that's alright? I'm going Westcliffe Grammar School... Year eleven, where do you go?" I replied hoping he would help me out in making friends and feeling comfortable.
"Of course I'll introduce you to my peeps they'll love you, you seem right up our street. I go Westcliffe Boys, so we can walk together? I'm in the same year as you as well.. ha ha!" He stumbled still over his words, making me almost seem confident as he took in my outfit, Hedley band shirt and purple skinny acid jeans with my scuffed Doc. Martins. 
"Oh cool, can't wait to meet them. Yeah if that's alright, I don't want to be a bother!" I said as I heard my mum's high heels click along the laminated wooden floors, he just nodded at me in response as my mum walked in.
"Madeline, who is this?" My mum announced walking towards us, she was always anxious with me talking to other people as she knows I trust people too quickly letting me get hurt so much. 
"This is Michael, from next door mum. He goes to Westcliffe for boys so he's offered to introduce me to his friends and walk with me to school if I want!" I explained patiently as Michael kept catching my eyes with his adorable smile.
"Oh, well nice to meet you Michael. Thank you for offering to help Maddie out. I'm going to grab more boxes, see you later!" My mum called as she walked towards the hall, leaving us alone once again.
"Well, I better grab more boxes," I said to Michael hoping he would offer to help as I wanted to get to know him.
"I'll help you, it'll take less time with three sets of hands," He offered making me smile and nod as we walked towards our drive. I was glad that Michael would help it would give me space from mum and a chance to find out what life round here was really like. I hope it was completely different from Red-bridge  just a new start is all mum and I needed. We got out to the removal van as we both grabbed two sets of boxes then heading back inside, both of them labelled with 'Maddie's Bedroom' hoping Michael wouldn't seen anything embarrassing inside. We went to the stairs remembering I picked the attic bedroom as to have more privacy away from mum or any guest, I was a very antisocial person when I want to be. We climbed both of the staircases to reveal my open space room, with a massive double glazed window with one looking down to the garden and one facing Michael's house I guess. He dumped the boxes on a white framed bed, already with more of my boxes, walking towards the window facing his house. "Hey, you can see my window, we can talk through our windows to each other now!" He said then suddenly stopped as he looked worried.
"Yeah that would be cool, like in the films and stuff," I said as he smiled letting out a sigh of relief realizing I was similar to him I assume. 
"Yeah exactly, that would be so cool ha ha " He replied laughing and taking the boxes off me and placing them down. 

After another hour or so, we had all the boxes in rooms and had started unpacking when I heard our new doorbell ring, I jumped up off the sofa in the living room with Michael following behind. I saw a tall, elegant women with black long curly hair and olive skin as I saw a resemblance to Michael and the women I assumed that it was his mother. I opened the door, "Hello, my name is Victoria Lafferty, I'm Michael's mother and your next door neighbor " She announced while walking into the hall taking everything in, I could tell she was most likely a snob so should get on well with my mother as well. "Oh hello, nice to meet you! I'm Madeline, I'll just grab my mother for you!" I responded realizing I was talking in a posh voice and could tell I wanted to make an impression if Michael and I were to be friends. "Mother," I called up the stairs as I soon after heard her heels clicking down the stairs. Then she appeared in a smart black dress stopping just above the knee, with black shiny heels. She must have changed out of her "comfy" clothes. "Hello, my name's Lilian, and you must be Michael's mother. What a pleasure to meet you!" My mother said while slightly shaking her hand politely and it almost looked as though she curtsied  Making me snigger and getting a side glare from my mother. I caught Michael's eye gesturing to move away letting our mothers get to know one another without the present of children. I walked up to my room, not really expecting Michael to follow collapsing on my bed on the little space left from all the boxes I looked at the entrance of the staircase to see Michael standing there shuffling from feet to feet. I looked at him confused, "Umm... I didn't know if you wanted my company or not," Michael explained sitting on a fur rug my mum must have placed recently to the left of my bed.
"Course, tell me about your friends? I mean if you want," I replied showing interest in getting to know Michael and his friends.
"Oh well, we are a basic bunch. All the boys skate, most of girls seem very similar to you, well what I know about you! I play guitar and we were thinking about creating a band but we bicker like little girls so we decided against it ha ha!" Michael rambled on and my heart flustered when he mentioned him playing guitar, I guessed he would be a skater with his beanie hat, baggy skinny jeans with rips in the jeans and typical skate shoes with tattered laces. I smiled at him, I could hope that we would get close. 
"Oh cool, they sound so nice! I can't wait to meet them then. Oh wow, that's so cool and ha ha you sound like Max an old friend of mine," I responded confidently liking Michael more and more.
"Now, you've finally moved in you can come any day I'll just knock and you can," Michael said smiling from ear to ear.
"Yeah, cool," I said and took boxes of my bed making space for him in case the floor was uncomfortable. 

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