The boy next door

Maddie was only fifteen when she moved into 10 Pilot Drive. Escaping her old life was the one thing she needed, but not everything works out how you want it to. Maddie falls in love with the boy next door Michael who is perfect and beyond. She keeps telling herself he will never fall for her but what will happen at 10 Pilot Drive? Will she get her fairy tale ending? Is Michael all he seems? What's the secret of Pilot Drive?


6. Movie time!

We walked into the living room taking our allocated positions in our den, "okay so what film did you decide on?" I asked hoping they would have another 'argument' about the film.
"Well, it took a lot of discussing but we have decided on all the Toy Story films!" Jay announced happily and they giggled like girls.
"Yay, they are like some of my favorite films!" I responded as Michael got up to put it on. It started and I snuggled into Michael as he placed his arm round me as the boys watched us making sure we didn't break our promise. I smiled at them and shook my head at them, I grabbed a bag of Maltesers off the floor as Jay looked at me shocked. "What?" I asked confused why now all the boys looked at me shocked.
"Maltesers are Jay's and only Jay's" Matty explained as I just laughed.
"Sorry Malteser Prince, please forgive me!" I bowed at Jay handing him the Maltesers. He smiled and took them.
"It is alright princess, you may share them with me!" Jay responded opening the packet and placing it between us.
"You never shared them with us!" Michael protested.
"Maddie is special!" Jay said as all the boys were shocked and started to strop slightly. I smiled passing out the Maltesers to all of them receiving smiles and hugs. I nestled back into Michael and Jay and watched Toy Story. This was a perfect night honestly. I just meet these boys and they already felt like family, I could tell Jay and I would become really close and I already saw him as a brother. Michael, well Michael was just perfect and he loved me, what more could I ask for? I needed a drink so jumped up as the boys ushered me out the way of the T.V, "Oi! Anyone want a drink?" I asked before going to get a glass of water. They all shook their heads still transfixed on Toy Story, I left them to it. I walked out to the kitchen as my phone vibrated in my back pocket, 'Hi boo, hope you have a good evening with the boys! Staying at a hotel, see you tomorrow morning! Love mum x' I quickly replied and grabbed a glass of water, the puppies followed me into the living room collapsing on the sofa we weren't using as part of our den falling asleep quite quickly.

The film came to close and the boys suddenly paid attention to me. "Oh hey there princess," Jay said as I took my place in between him and Michael. 
"So now you notice me aye?" I said jokingly as Michael placed his arms round me, I leaned in to him and stretched my legs over Jay, making myself comfortable. 
"Sorry beautiful, Toy Story is just so hypnotizing! You have our full attention now," Michael replied kissing my nose making me giggle slightly. 
"Of course you do princess," Jay told me as he pulled me away from Michael and gave me a hug, I saw Matty and George nod in agreement.
"So let's play truth or dare," I requested moving to sit opposite Michael so it was a sort of circle.
"YAY!" The boys shouted.
We played truth or dare for about an hour, I think I found everything you possibly could about those four boys. Also, Jay admitted he likes Hayley and really wants a second chance, I promised him I would try to sort it out as long as Katie isn't involved (no offence to Matty). I admitted everything to the boys but they didn't dig too deep into my past only basic information so they still know nothing so far. "Hey Mads, your turn to pick a film," Jay said while interrupting my thoughts.

"Oh yeah," I replied getting up and looking through the piles of films I brought over, I knew what film I would pick but it was worth a look. I picked up Woman in Black, loving the film because of Daniel Radcliffe and I wasn't scared of it really. 
"Really? You sure?" Michael questioned and all the boys looked at one another.
"Scared?" I teased as I put the disc in the DVD player.
"Course not," they all snapped at once making me laugh. This should be interesting, poor babies! 
"Aw, I'll look after you babies," I said winking before I sat down next to Michael and Jay. 

The film started and I could tell the boys were nervous; Jay and Michael had tensed up completely. I could see Matty and George cling to one another like little girls. I knew what I could do to help, "I'm sort of scared," I whispered but loud enough they would all be able to hear.
"Don't worry princess, Prince Malteser and his companions shall look after you," Jay said hugging me as I leaned into Michael as he became protective over me. I smiled; glad I helped them look manly even if they really weren't. The film finished, I got up and turned the T.V off, grabbing my glass needing a glass of water. I reached the kitchen to see the puppies following me and Michael close behind. “Oh hey there stranger,” I said while I poured my glass of water and patted the dogs.
“Hi there beautiful, thank you for that,” Michael replied pointing back to the living room.
“That’s alright sweetie, I’d do anything to spare your masculinity,” I told him going on my tiptoes to kiss him.
"I've missed that," Michael laughed I playfully shoved him and kissed him on the lips again as he pulled me closer to him. 
"Bless you cutie," I responded then hugged him and grabbed my glass. "Want to get back to the boys?" 
"I just want you all to myself, I mean..." He stuttered, "I want to get to know you and you get to know me." I smiled at him pulling him closer and kissing his lips quickly, "later." I whispered as he tried to make the kiss longer. He moaned slightly as I pulled him back towards the living room, the boys were all stuffing their faces with anything edible they could find. "A bit hungry are we?" I questioned laughing as they realized we had re-entered the room, they stopped mid bite and just froze. I laughed and bent down to grab some chocolate before it was all gone. The boys swallowed whatever they had shoved in their gobs and pulled me down to join them. Michael stood there awkwardly and I patted a space next to me, he seemed off and I would have to ask him next time we were alone. The boys suddenly got up as Michael reached the floor, I felt the tension build as they ran upstairs... god knows where they went. "Michael?" I questioned. "Are you okay?"
"Jealousy is a killer," Michael said lightly as I felt so sorry for him. I pulled him close and kissed him so passionately, hoping to push all my feelings towards him into that one kiss. I pulled away to catch my breath to see a huge smile torn across Michael's face, "I'm yours," I whispered against his lips and pulled him in again. He pulled away breathing heavy and I smiled trying to catch my breath as well, I heard the door creak open slightly to see all three boys staring round the corner, "cover your eyes little kids," I said winking at them as they tumbled in shocked I realized they were there. "You are such typical boys." I smiled at them as they approached us.
"Now princess, we must not make Michael anymore jealous. We shall try to stay away!" Jay said to me as they stopped a meter or so away from us.
"Come on guys, I've know you for a short time and you are already great friends to me. Jay you are like an older brother to me and Michael is my boyfriend yes, but I won't let that cause problems. Imagine me as one of the boys!" I announced as I pulled them all in for a group hug and they cheered. I smiled at them all and separated from them, I honestly didn't want to get between them like Katie did. I mean no-one liked her, I'm not even sure Matty does to be honest. I just wanted to fit in and be in their group because they wanted me to, not because of that fact Michael and I were dating.

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