The boy next door

Maddie was only fifteen when she moved into 10 Pilot Drive. Escaping her old life was the one thing she needed, but not everything works out how you want it to. Maddie falls in love with the boy next door Michael who is perfect and beyond. She keeps telling herself he will never fall for her but what will happen at 10 Pilot Drive? Will she get her fairy tale ending? Is Michael all he seems? What's the secret of Pilot Drive?


9. Just so confused.

"Mads, I'm home," I heard my mum call from downstairs as the front door shut lightly. I pulled myself up, making sure to wipe any tears or make-up that may show I've been crying, straightened my clothes and headed downstairs quickly. I reached the kitchen and ran into my mum's arms, "hello mummy, how was your evening last night?" I asked politely pulling away and putting the kettle on to make us both a cup of tea when we needed it. "It was lovely thank you darling, Vicky is so much fun once she lets her hair down," Mum replied chuckling at a memory of last night. I faked a smile again, my mum looked concerned knowing me like the back of her hand but didn't push me to tell her, she knew I would tell her once I'm ready. That's why we get on so well, we are more like sisters than mother and daughters and I must say I prefer it a lot more, as it means we barely ever argue and will go to each other for help. I grabbed two mugs, put a tea bag and two sugars in both then poured the hot water in as my mum grabbed the milk, making me realize she must have gone shopping at one point. It's amazing how we moved in recently, and it's already home! "Movie time?" I questioned as I took a sip of my tea.
"Yeah okay, go grab them as I quickly change," Mum said in response as we both headed upstairs. I looked through my overnight bag making me realize I did leave something at Michael's, all the films, I sighed and grabbed my key and phone calling to mum then went over to his as slowly as I could. I knocked on the door, as Victoria opened it, "oh hello Maddie, what is it you need?" Victoria asked as she let me in.
"Sorry to bother you but I left my films upstairs," I replied trying to act as polite as I could.
"Oh of course, you can run up and get them if you want," She told me making way for me to pass up the stairs.
"Thank you," I said as I wakled up the stairs and heading to Michael's room, unsure if he was inside. I took a deep breath outside his door then knocked and entered. I saw Michael curled up on his bed facing the wall, so I couldn't see him but I heard silent sobs coming from his bed. I walked over quietly, placing myself next to him, "Michael?" I whispered as I tapped him lightly on the arm. He turned round lightly, so I could see his face red with tears and one of his eyes were faintly black as though he had been hit. "Michael what's happened?" He pulled me into his arms and slowly sobbed into my shoulder. I comforted him and told him it would be alright even though I didn't know what happened. "Mads, I love you. I'm sorry if I was off earlier, I just didn't want you to regret going out with me," Michael rushed to say through sobs.
"Hey, hey it's alright. I love you too sweetie, I would never hate you ever I promise. Now, tell me what happened and I can try to help." I replied as I kissed him lightly on the cheek as he winced slightly making me apologize over and over again, he shut me up by kissing me as he pulled me closer to him, I smiled against his lip realizing I had missed him so much. "Just, just listen please," Michael asked I nodded and he continued, "my mum hits me... she doesn't mean to but she has trust issues and is worried we will get hurt." Michael said lightly as my mouth turned to a perfect 'o' shape, I was so shocked I pulled him kissing him lightly all over his face.
"You need to get out of here, tell your mum you're going round Jay's and spend the day at mine, you can even sleepover we have a spare room and everything," I rushed to say as I held his face between my hands. Tears welled up in his eyes as he lightly nodded, I kissed him on the cheek gently avoiding his eye that was now darkening. I tried to stay calm and seem happy for Michael's sake but honestly I was freaking out, I need help from the boys and I would text them once Michael was safely out the house. Away from his own mum. I grabbed a few cloths that were placed neatly in his wardrobe shoving them in a bag, then throwing my DVD's on top so Victoria would get suspicious. "I'll leave then straight away you leave as well, I'll meet you at the beginning of my drive were your mum won't be able to see you, okay?" I announced trying to reassure Michael as he still sat curled up on his bed with a dazed look on his face. He nodded and tried to smile at me, he pulled me close one last time and kissed me deeply on the lips. I said goodbye hoping his mum would hear as I left, I didn't bother saying goodbye to her as I was trying to control the anger beginning to boil inside me. I reached the beginning of my drive and within seconds Michael left the house and shut the door heavily. I tried not to run into his arms as he got closer worried his mum might see us, I opened my front door pulling him in quickly and shutting it as he pulled me into his strong arms, now he was away from his mum he seemed like Michael again. Michael my boyfriend, not the sheltered boy that had a black eye from his own mother. I didn't know how I would explain it to my mum but I know she would help Micheal out if I asked. "Hey sweet-pea, did you get the films?" My mum asked she walked down the stairs, "oh hello Michael dear, what's brought you over to ours?" I kissed Michael on the cheek without really thinking then grabbed mum to talk to her in private, I explained everything and became out of breath by the end of it! "Oh my, of course he can stay and you two look really happy together boo!" My mum responded as we walked back towards, he pulled me into his arms smiling lightly at mum, trying to keep a strong face I suppose. I pulled him to the living room and curled up in his arms as I got my phone out to text Jay, "Oi prince! Michael needs some guy attention, get your arses round mine but don't get seen by Michael's mum, we'll explain when you get here, love ya!<3" I quickly typed as I let Michael flip through multiple T.V channels until selecting 'Friends', which I must say I have seen every episode. I could probably quote all the words as well, I settled down waiting for my doorbell to ring and for Michael to have fun like we all did yesterday, I loved all the boys and hoped Hayley was coming as well! "Hey sweetie, thank you," Michael whispered in my ear pulling me lightly onto his lap.
"I'm always here for you boo," I replied and kissed him lightly as the doorbell rang. I jumped up and pulled Michael with me with a silent grunt from him, I opened to door to be pulled into Jay's arms and spun round, "put me down!" I giggled. I was placed on the ground as Michael helped me to stand up straight as the boys walked in to see Hayley walking closely behind looking so shy! I pulled her into my arms receiving a huge smile from her. "Hiya, come in," I told her as the boys laughed at us. I was glad she was her missing some girly company.
"Thanks, I hope you don't mind me coming along. I thought you might like some girl company for a change," She replied walking in and following the boys into the living room.
"Yeah, it would be nice , they are completely mad at the best of times ha ha!" I said and joined Michael and the boys on the sofas. I caught Jay's eye knowing he needed to talk to me, I jumped up and pulled him out to the kitchen and saying we would grab drinks. "Talk," I announced as we reached the kitchen, out of ear-shot from the others.
"I asked Hayley on a date and she said yes," Jay said as his smile grew and grew. I hugged him feeling happy for both of them.
"I told you," I just replied and grabbed a bottle of lemonade and a glass from everyone.
"Wait," Jay stopped me, I turned round to face him wondering what the problem was, "what's happened to Michael?" I looked away from Jay, suddenly wishing I hadn't invited them over not realizing how hard it would be to tell them if they didn't know already.
"Well.. Er.. Michael's mum hit him..." I tried to say as I felt tears fall down my cheeks.
"Shh.. shh.. it's alright princess," Jay said as he pulled me into his arms as I sobbed into his chest letting everything I felt out through those tears. I heard some cough lightly as Jay pulled away and put me into someone else's arms, that I soon realized were Michael's, I pulled him closer not wanting him hurt anymore. He whispered comforting words in my ear, trying to calm me down and kissing my forehead lightly. I stopped crying and just stayed against his chest, realizing I might of soaked his shirt as I pulled away he took my face in his hands making me look him in the eyes, "I'm fine baby, please don't cry! Look I'll stay with you as long as you want... I just want you happy. I just met you a few days ago but look at us, it feels like years!" Michael said to me reassuring me slightly, kissing my forehead as I smiled and nodded. I grabbed the cups and lemonade then we walked into the living room to sit with the others. Jay and Hayley were sitting together, Jay's arm round her. I smiled at them, happy that Jay had a second chance.. everyone deserves a chance. Michael pulled me onto his lap as my mum walked in shocked, "mum this is Jay, Hayley, George, Matty and of course you know Michael," I told my mum as she smiled at them all as they waved politely.
"Oh hello there, nice to meet you. I'm going to head out with Vicky for a day of shopping." My mum replied as i felt everyone especially Michael stiffen and tense. I looked at my mum with complete shock and betrayal ready to have a shout off with her, "I won't tell her Michael's here of course so need for the look of death madame!" She explained as I looked down blushing and everyone sort of relaxed. I guessed Jay had told the others while Michael and I were in the kitchen. I guess that was easier, much easier. Neither Michael or I would be able to I don't think, I mean look what happened when I just told Jay...

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