The boy next door

Maddie was only fifteen when she moved into 10 Pilot Drive. Escaping her old life was the one thing she needed, but not everything works out how you want it to. Maddie falls in love with the boy next door Michael who is perfect and beyond. She keeps telling herself he will never fall for her but what will happen at 10 Pilot Drive? Will she get her fairy tale ending? Is Michael all he seems? What's the secret of Pilot Drive?


7. Heart to Heart

"Guys, sleepy time me thinks," I announced as I got up grabbing my pajamas and finding a bathroom to change. I realized I brought the wrong pajamas with a baggy top but with very short-shorts. Oops! This should be interesting! I walked out of the bathroom feeling really self conscious as I walked towards the living room. I opened the door to see it empty, "OI!" I shouted to the boys where ever they were. "Upstairs beautiful," I heard Michael call from upstairs. I ran up the stairs and paused at Michael's door trying to cover my legs, feeling too self conscious at this point. I pushed the door open to see all four boys collapsed on Michael's bed. They all wolf-whistled making me blush a bright red as I shifted awkwardly, "wow..." I heard Michael say as he stood up and lifted my head so I looked into his eyes, "you are beautiful, okay?" He said to me kissing me lightly on the lips, I nodded and hid my face in his chest, embarrassed. Michael's room was freezing making me shiver, "baby do you want a jumper?" Michael asked pulling me away and sitting me down on the bed. I nodded once again as he found me a jumper and passed it to me, I pulled it on encircled with the wonderful smell of his cologne and his warmth. "Thank you," I said leaning across all the boys laps, laughing as they looked at me still shocked, "take a picture it'll last longer!" I winked at all of them.
"Or don't because she is mine!" Michael announced as the boys laughed and tickled me causing me to fall off the bed and onto the floor. 
"Oh thanks guys, feeling the love," I called as I got up off the floor, bending my back. They kept wolf-whistling, I rolled my eyes and jumped on to Michael's waiting lap. 
"Sorry princess," Jay said hugging me from the side.
"Downstairs again?" George questioned and we all agreed heading downstairs. I jumped on to Michael's back as he carried me to the living room, he helped me down as we all snuggled into our positions and tried to sleep.
I woke up to see Jay lying  next to me staring at the ceiling, "you alright my prince?" I asked as he saw me and smiled.
"Yeah thanks, just thinking I guess," He replied.
"Talk to me!"
"Well, just seeing you with Michael makes me realize how much I do really miss Hayley, everything that happened was a mistake and I'd do anything to get her back and prove to her I loved her."
"Jay, that girl loves you to pieces it is obvious and I barely know her. Just the way she looks at you, I can honestly tell. Try, ask her out on a date... I am 100% sure she will say yes at a heartbeat."
"I know, I just want Katie gone really. Matty isn't happy with her but he is too nice to 'break her heart', even though she is a complete b*tch to all of us."
"She'll go then, Matty needs to grow some balls and end it soon."
"Yeah I guess, you know Michael has never loved a girl like he loves you. Just the way he acts and looks round or at you I can just tell."
"Jay, I'll admit something to you because you are already like a brother to me but I love him. I've had a rough past at least, but he has brought me happiness in the few days I've met him and I can't wait to spend time with all of you, just being the crazy us!" I hugged him and snuggled down yawning.
"I think you need to go back to sleep princess." Jay said smiling.
"I know, nighty night prince!" I said before I snuggled against him and tried to sleep. I heard him singing Little Things to me, dear this boy couldn't be any cuter. Don't get me wrong One Direction aren't my favorite band but give them credit where its due. Little Things is that one song I must admit I love just everything about it gives me goosebumps.
I woke up to see Jay laying next to me fast asleep with one arm around me, I pulled away trying not to wake him to see Michael, George and Matty's places empty. I got up and went searching, they weren't downstairs. I walked upstairs to see all three of them hypnotized on Michael's T.V screen... of course video games! I laughed at took a seat on the floor as they carried on playing still as I felt someone kiss the top of my head, I looked up to see Michael smiling as the boys hit him making him move back and look defeated making me laugh more. "Breakfast?" Michael asked as the boys nodded their heads quickly, I got up and followed Michael downstairs into the kitchen. I took a seat on the kitchen surface as Michael grabbed bacon, bread, butter, plates and ketchup from all different cupboards and the fridge. I grabbed the bottle of oil sitting behind me passing it to Michael as he kissed my cheek and got on with making everyone a bacon sandwich like the good woman he was. Ha ha. "Babe, do you want one?" He asked politely as I started to butter the bread and spread ketchup all over the slices of bread, I nodded eagerly. He smiled and pulled me into kiss him, I pulled him closer putting my arms round his neck as he lifted me onto the kitchen counter avoiding any food. I wrapped my legs round his waist, not wanting any space between us at all. He laughed as I went to deepen the kiss, "later" he promised as he saved the bacon from burning. I grumbled slightly as he put the bacon on the slices of bread scattered round the side, spreading out the bacon evenly between us just as Jay walked in still half asleep. "Hey there," I said to him as he ruffled his hair and stretched. I walked over to him, hugging him as he groaned slightly. After our chat I'm guessing he didn't have much sleep, I heard Michael sigh slightly as I pulled away from Jay. I skipped into Michael's arms kissing him heavily to remind him that I was his girlfriend not anyone else's. "Too early for that," I heard Jay joke as he grabbed a sandwich off the side and took a seat at the big dining table on the other side of the kitchen. I grabbed a sandwich along with Michael as I heard George and Matty run down the stairs and burst into the kitchen. I laughed as they grabbed their bacon sandwiches, shoving them in our gob. They joined us already finished, as both Michael and Jay finished as well. I finished mine off politely, as Michael collected all the plates placing them in to the dishwasher as the boys got up saying they would change in the living room, so I could change in privacy upstairs. I grabbed my change of clothes out the bag I hand't moved from the hall and ran upstairs, I shut Michael's door and stripped down to my underwear quickly changing in case the boys found it funny to walk in on me.

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