The boy next door

Maddie was only fifteen when she moved into 10 Pilot Drive. Escaping her old life was the one thing she needed, but not everything works out how you want it to. Maddie falls in love with the boy next door Michael who is perfect and beyond. She keeps telling herself he will never fall for her but what will happen at 10 Pilot Drive? Will she get her fairy tale ending? Is Michael all he seems? What's the secret of Pilot Drive?


4. Everyone has a past.

We sat still staring at one another smiling, just fixed in the moment. I heard a phone buzz on the bed as Michael took his phone out of his back pocket, "Alright bro," Michael answered the call kissing my forehead and walking out the room. I lay down comfortably on his bed to see glow in the dark star stickers scattered all along his ceiling, reminding me of my old room where I had done the same. I sighed, sometimes I wish I could just forget the past but it's really not that simple. I felt my eyes grow heavier wishing I hadn't experienced many restless nights, every time I try to sleep all I can imagine is that night all over again but different events keep happening making me almost clueless on what actually happened. That's what I wanted. To forget. To forget everything from that night! I moved away to get away from it all, my mum knowing I couldn't cope much longer! My thoughts drifted back to Michael and our kiss.. He was perfect but I knew nothing about him, I didn't normally let myself fall so quickly for a stranger but here I was in love with the boy next door! On the other hand, everyone has a past and I barely knew him and vice versa! It would be hard to tell Michael everything, I mean no-one knew me like my "family", it was something I would have to build a bridge and get over! I don't want to lose Michael he is one of the best things to happen recently. Moving was the thing I was worried about but here I was with a boy who seemed to care and love me. What else could I ask for?

Michael walked back into the room his facial expression showing fear flash through his eyes, he sat down next to me frozen almost. "Michael?" I asked quietly turning all my attention to him as I started to worry. He didn't responded just sat there phone in hand, it dropped out as it buzzed. I looked at him to see if he would move to reply, I took it searching through the contacts to find Jay;s number or any of the boys. "Michael's frozen to the spot, come back please xx" I text all the boys hoping they would be here soon. I sat next to him, stuck with what to do as I heard a light knock on the front door I ran downstairs to pull it open and see just the boys stand there, they walked in Jay staying downstairs with me as Matty and George started to walk upstairs nodding at me as if to try and reassure me. I walked to the lounge curling up with a pillow on one side of the sofa as Jay sat next to me facing towards me, "Maddie I need to tell you something... you must promise to keep it between me and you only. Michael or the boys must not know I have told you, okay?" I nodded in response as my mind went into overdrive thinking of what Jay was about to tell me. "A year ago, Michael's brother Liam went missing out of the blue leaving his mum and dad's marriage on the brink of collapse as they tried and tried to find him... Liam is about two years older. Many assumed he had just left wanting to start a new life, Michael knew differently. Liam got in trouble, serious trouble with a local drug dealer meaning he owed this guy a lot of money and his family's life was put on a thread as the guy constantly threatened him. Liam left thinking it would help, he hasn't been in contact since about six months ago, in which he told Michael he would call every six months or so to see how he was and if he was still alive. It must have been him, he turned like this last time don't worry! He'll be fine once the guys sort him out, alright?" I just nodded stunned by what Jay had just told me, I never could think Michael's life would have such a secret as a druggy brother. I mean wow.... I just sat there with Jay for around half an hour until Matty and George walked in nodding and sat down as Jay gestured for me to go to see Michael. To be honest, I was nervous... I had never seen someone freeze like Michael did how was I meant to act? I reached his door at ajar, I stepped closer as I started to shake nervously. I walked in to see Michael laying on his bed looking at me smiling, he shuffled up and tapped the space next to him, I hesitated but sat next to him anyway. "I'm sorry baby, I shouldn't of freaked out with you here." 
"It's fine baby, I'm always here if you need to talk." I replied taking his hand in mine and turning to face him slightly. 
"I know and I have something to ask you," he responded pulling me close to him. I smiled waiting, "Maddie, I've know you for only a little while but please be mine?"
"Of course I will," I said smiling and pulling him so close there was only a few centimeters between us, he pulled me closer breaking that space. He kissed me as the boys piled in landing on top of each other as a chorus of 'aw's escaped them. Oh dear! Michael chuckled as I sat up to see them in a pile wrapped around one another stuck in a heap. I looked sternly at them but couldn't help but laugh as Jay shouted, "get off me you fat lumps!" As the boys all got up sitting cross legged in front of me with Michael joining them. I rolled my eyes and patted the bed, with them all climbing on it I felt Michael grab me down to him. Somehow the boys had taken control of the bed leaving Michael and I on the floor, they kept wrestling who would win the pillows, so while they weren't looking I grabbed all of them and shared them between Michael. Soon after the boys realized gob-smacked at what I had just done, "I could get use to you titch!" George announced laughing as the boys joined in.
"Hey I'm not short, I'm average!" I replied crossing my arms in a strop. This just made the boys laugh even more. I glared at them all in turn, then started to laugh as well. "Where did the girls go?" I questioned even though I didn't really care about Kate.
"Oh they left, we can get them back if you want?" Jay asked as though he was worried, I hope I grow closer to them all, especially Jay he was so caring and I would get him and Hayley together!
"No,no it's fine. I don't normally hang round with girls less drama and bitchiness to be fair. I get on well with boys more," I responded reassuring him as Matty and George nodded their heads in agreement. Jay smiled at me as Michael pulled me closer. "WAIT! Are you guys - you known - together?" Jay announced as he giggled sounding like a little girl. I just smiled and shook my head,, then Michael kissed me deeply causing us to receive a cheer from the boys. "Get in there dude, you're finally not single!" Jay cheered.
"It was worth the wait," Michael said smiling at me and I smiled back, he was so cute. 

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