The boy next door

Maddie was only fifteen when she moved into 10 Pilot Drive. Escaping her old life was the one thing she needed, but not everything works out how you want it to. Maddie falls in love with the boy next door Michael who is perfect and beyond. She keeps telling herself he will never fall for her but what will happen at 10 Pilot Drive? Will she get her fairy tale ending? Is Michael all he seems? What's the secret of Pilot Drive?


8. All to myself

I finished getting dressed and headed downstairs to find the boys sitting on the foot of the stairs, "oh hi there," I announced making them all jump and turn to face me I smiled as they stood up in unison, letting me make my way downstairs. The boys followed me closely into the living room, I found they had tidied everything away making it all neat and I was glad I would not end up doing it later feeling guilty towards Michael's mum. I took a seat on a single sofa letting the boys sit together not wanting them to go apart. I looked at my hot-pant shorts to see they had a mark, I tried scrubbing it off pulling my attention away from everything else as I heard someone cough in front of me. I looked up to see Michael standing there, he held out his hands and I took them in mine as he dragged me up against his perfectly muscular body. I felt my heart skip a beat as he lightly kissed my lips then switched places with me so he could sit down, pulling me onto his lap. I sighed happily but felt as though I was just creating space between them all, I looked up to see all the boys happily smiling putting my mind at ease slightly. "I want you all to myself," Michael whispered quietly in my ear, I felt Michael breathing heavily on my neck making me shiver at his warmth, "alright sweetie?" Michael said pulling away from me slightly so he could look me in the eye, I nodded happily and kissed him on the cheek. The boys chuckled as I looked at them, "what?" I said confused as they all laughed just as I spun my head round to face Michael to see him making motions that basically said that he wanted the boys to leave us. I laughed at how he tried to describe it without me realizing, he saw me looking and blushed. I kissed his cheek once again as the boys got up to leave, I pulled Michael up with me so we could stay good-bye properly to the boys. I hugged George and Matty, then when I got to Jay I gave him a massive bear-hug. "Text me later prince," I told him as he nodded following the boys out after all man-hugging Michael. Michael shut the door and turned to face me grabbing me by my waist pulling me against his body, leaving no space between us at all. I looked deeply into his perfect eyes as they drew me in as we both leaned in, I kept my eyes on his until I fluttered my eyes touch as his lips touched mine softly at first. I pulled him even closer (if that was possible), I placed my arms round his neck as he put his arms round my waist deepening the kiss ever so slowly, it was perfect once again. I felt his tongue at the ridge of my mouth asking for entry, I opened my mouth a little wider willingly letting him in. 

We pulled away breathless once more as I dragged him to the living room with him moaning slightly as he trailed with me, he sat down on the sofa pulling me to land lightly on his lap facing him. I snuggled deeply into his arms, realizing I fit perfectly in then making my smile grow even more. "Your smile's so beautiful," Michael announced as he slowly kissed my neck teasing me.
"You're the reason behind it boo," I replied making his smile grown as well as mine and I pulled his head up kissing him on the lips just as the front door clicked open, we jumped apart but Michael still kept his arm tightly around me. His mum walked in and smiled at us, "Hi both of you, how are you?" She asked politely dropping her handbag on a table in the corner as she petted the dogs then came over to kiss Michael on the cheek lightly, "have the boys left already?"
"Hello mummy, we are fine thank you. The boys just left and Maddie was waiting for a text from her mum to let her know if she is at work or travelling home with you," Michael replied politely, as I realized he had changed his posture and attitude since his mum had entered the room, I looked between us to see the space that never really had existed before. I felt my smile drop as his mum exited the room and within seconds he was close like he was once before, I sighed lightly, "what's up beautiful? Show me that smile," Michael announced. I faked a smile and just shrugged whatever doubts he had off by that simple smile. Oh how gullible could one person be.I shifted as I heard Michael's mum walk towards the living room as my phone vibrated shining with my mother's name on the screen 'Hey sweetheart, I'll be home in about ten minutes. Lazy day? Love you, love mum x' I found an excuse to leave thanks to my mum, I just wanted to get away from this feeling of not being wanted when one person comes around. I couldn't get over it, it may sound stupid to you it does to me as well but I love him for Christ sake. I thought he did as well, maybe not. "My mum is nearly home, I better get back." I announced jumping up from the sofa grabbing my bag quickly from the hallway and a jumper I forgot I even bought with me. "Oh okay," Michael said as he followed me out calling to his mum I was leaving with a 'goodbye' shouted from wherever she was. I sighed and faced away from Michael not wanting my pain to be seen by him. "Bye beautiful," Michael said as he spun me round to face him as I felt tears try to escape, I prevented them giving Michael a light hug and kiss on the cheek before leaving with a quiet goodbye I'm not even sure he heard. I reached my front door quickly, making me realizing how cold it was outside after the warmth of Michael's house. Last night almost felt like a dream as I thought how amazing all the boys were, I knew I would text Jay later asking why Michael's attitude suddenly changed round his mum... wanting answers. I reached for my front door key and opened the door instantly dropping my now heavy bag on the floor hoping I hadn't left anything round Michael's as I really wasn't in the mood to go back round if his mum was in. I went upstairs and struggled to pull my bag up with me, having to stop a few times to catch my breath (and no I am not unfit). I reached my bedroom, dropping my bag and collapsing on my bed as the tears fell, I sobbed heavily into my pillow just letting everything out. Michael and I seemed so perfect, every kiss sent sparks and shiver through my body, I forgot everything but us... now here I was alone. Crying. Heart-broken. Wow, love sucks.

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