Loving The Band

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  • Published: 9 Nov 2012
  • Updated: 15 Nov 2012
  • Status: Complete
This is now a published book available through Amazon, Google Play and the iBook store! I originally wrote a piece on here about One Direction, and it got spotted by penguin where they then asked me to commission a new book inspired by the old. If you want to see what happens, please go buy it! :)

What happens when you meet the boy band of every girl's dream . . . and not one but two of them fall for you?

Two of the world's most popular boys.

One gorgeous girl . .

When Jess and her best friend Tegan meet The Only Truth, the hottest boy band in the world, she's not too fussed - she's heard of them but she's too busy getting over a recent break-up to get caught up in the hysteria that's taking over London.

So when the boys need to hide from the paparazzi, the girls are happy to help. But Jess goes from indifference to infatuation when she starts getting close to two of the boys. One is friendly and flirty, the other is broody and serious - and soon Jess has to make the big decision


3. New Extract!

'Come for a walk with me,' I said impulsively. He looked at me with
indecision clouding his eyes before sighing and seeming to give in to
something inside.

'OK, but put this on,' he said, pulling his jumper over my head. 'It's
getting chilly.'

The sweater came down to my knees and smelled like a mixture of the
salty sea air and Shaq's musky aftershave. I gently inhaled its scent
and pulled it closer round me as the wind whipped up.

We spent the first few minutes walking side by side in silence, but it
was a comfortable silence as the sound of water lapping up on the beach
and the waves crashing together accompanied us. He kept himself between
me and the sea, as if he was afraid the water could hurt me again.

I was the first one to break the silence. 'Really, thank you.'

Shaq looked down at me, confused.

'I-I mean thank you for saving my life,' I stammered, wondering what he
thought I might have been talking about. 'You saved me when no one else

He stopped in his tracks and looked at me seriously, before pulling me
to him. 'You never need to question whether I'll be there for you, Jess.
I'll always look after you. You need to know that.'

My heart quickened at his words and his touch, but I ignored its
insistent pace, confused by what he was saying.

'But you aren't, though, are you, Shaq?' I pushed him away, hurt. 'In
fact, you always feel so far away.'

'You know why,' he growled, head in hands. 'Just as long as you're safe,
though - that's everything that matters.'

'Well, that's not everything to me,' I said angrily.

Frustration and pain appeared in his eyes as he gently traced his finger
down my jaw. 'It's all that can be. I'm watching Riley fall in love with
you, Jess.'
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