The Secret of Blackhill

Blackhill is a small and remote town in the middle of nowhere, but with the dwindling population now divided by a dark and unpleasant secret, it was no longer a place that anyone wanted to live.
Welcome to Blackhill.


1. The Disposal

It was so cold that Ned Walters could no longer feel the ends of his short, thick set fingers as he rubbed his hands together vigorously. He shook them, before injecting a blast of warm breath between them whilst watching his brother reverse the van towards him. The red tail lights glowed, piercing the fog like demon eyes. Ned checked his watch, squinting to see in the darkness. It was three minutes past midnight. “Damn it.” He said to himself, and blew another warm blast of air between into his hands.

Josh Walters stepped stern faced out into the cold night air and slammed the door behind him. He was the bigger of the two brothers and at well over six feet tall he was an intimidating figure of a man. He waited for a moment, almost as if he was expecting something to happen whilst he looked around. Shingles wood was a dark and desolate place and was 12 miles from the nearest village. It was no place to be in the middle of a November night.

Ned stamped his feet against the cold ground and could barely see more than three feet in front of him. “You’re late? We said eleven-thirty didn’t we?”

 Josh continued looking around, listening, before focusing on his brother. “Where’s Howard?”

“Howard’s back at the Robinson’s house. He’s changed his mind. He believes what the others believe.”

“What do you mean – changed his mind?”

“He’s with the others now. They changed his mind. He's now saying what we did was wrong and wants no further part of it. They’re saying it should never have happened and that only one person should be held responsible for what happened and not the whole town.”

Josh glared at his brother for a long moment – and then said “We don’t need Howard.” He then turned towards the van and pulled open both the back doors and peered inside.

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