If I were president for a day...

If I were president for a day, i will change a lot.


1. If I were president for a day.

I would first make a law about that every second day, shall all family's who aren't poor, let some of the poor people and the even more poor people who lives in the streets, let them eat dinner, with them.
That do i think, could be a great law, because there is so many who needs help, and so many who have to much, so they can give something, with out it destroys, their whole economy.


My second law, would be that every Sunday, shall everyone (except people who works on a police station, is a fireworker, or in hospitals and stuff like that, because, they have to help people) but, everyone else, have to go to the nearest park or place, where people are getting together. Then everyone have to play games, run relay races and enjoy some fresh air with their lovers and family.


That was my 2 most important laws that i would make. I hope that you enjoy to read them, and i also hope that you think that i'm right.


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