If I were president for a day...

If I were president for a day, i will change a lot.


2. If I were president for a day 2.

I just came on a thought that i have to right down.

I would change all the food in school cafeterias into salads, energy bars, juice and milk, instead of whats served on my school. On my school is it hotdogs, sausage rolls and cacao. 

I  think that what you eat is important for being healthy. And in school is it actually the way that you are supposed to learn something. And if you have to learn something, you have to eat healthy. 


Something else i would change is how many hours at week we are having PE.
On my school is it only 1 hour at week, and i would love if it was 3 or maybe 4.
Sport is also an important thing, for someone who wants to be healthy.


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