Strangers...with Memories? (A Niall Horan FanFic)

SUMMARY- Serenity is enjjoying her life with her friends, boyfriend and parents. Suddenly, she starts having dreams about a really cute blonde Irish guy and she does not know who he is. Is she related to him, by any chance? Is there more to her 'oh-so-incredible' life? Will she ever know what everyone except her knows about her? Help her find out her TOP SECRET by reading this.


3. What's my past?

"Hello?" Summer said into the phone in a sleepy voice. "Hey, it's me", I said. "Do you know that it's 7:00 am?" she asked, sounding angry. "I know, I know. I gotta talk to you, right now!" I exclaimed. "Okay, say", she said as she yawned. "I don't think that I can tell you this over the phone. So, can you come over?" I asked. She thought for a while and finally agreed. "I'll be there in an hour. Bye", she said. "Thanks. Love you sister",  I said. "Love ya too", she hung up. I had to eat oats for breakfast because my mom was still sound asleep.  I'm 19, I know, but I still don't know how to cook. I just kept thinking about the dream boy. God, this dream is driving me crazy.

"Okay, so, what is it?"  Summer asked as I opened the door. I let her in and took her to my room. She sat on the bed and I said,"I dreamt about an unknown guy. I was so in love with him and I was 2 years younger in my dream." "What did he look like?" She asked as she started sipping coffee. "He had blue eyes and blonde hair.  He had an Irish accent and he was of a medium height", I said, thinking about him. "I didn't understand anything. Can you draw his face?" She asked as she blinked with confusion.

I opened my drawer which was full of useless things and I took out a pencil. I removed a blank sheet of paper from my folder. I put the pencil in my mouth and closed my eyes. I could clearly see the dream boy's face. "Ocean-blue eyes, Blonde hair and thin lips", I muttered to myself as I started drawing. Soon, I was done sketching. I held the piece of paper up in the air, satisfied by my drawing skills. Summer looked closer at the picture and said," no, this can't be happening." I sat up straight and asked," what? Do you know this guy?" "No, I don't", she said, turning red. Just by looking at her, I could tell that she was lying. Asking her more about the guy was pointless so I just gave up and we started talking about Cody Simpson, we have a HUGE crush on him.

"r u free?" I texted Mike. "Yeah, why?" he replied, instantly. "Summer and I r gettin bored. Come over, lets watch a movie, wat say?" I asked. "Ok, anything for you babe", he wrote back.

"Hey!" I exclaimed as Mike walked into my room. "Hello loves", Mike said, hugging me and high-fiving Summer. We started watching 'A Walk to Remember'. "Aww Serenity, remember the way we used to watch this movie everyday when we were young?" Mike asked, putting his arm around me. "When?" I asked. Summer elbowed him in the ribs and Mike said," nevermind." I paused the movie and yelled," tell me!" "It's okay if you forgot", Summer said, making me calm down. "So, remind me!" I yelled, again. "Cool down Serenity. Let's watch the movie", Mike said, rubbing my palm. "No!" I yelled as I left the room, crying.

Mike and Summer followed me out. My mom saw me crying and came running towards me. "What's wrong, honey?" mom asked. "Why don't I remember anything  about my childhood? I know that I've already graduated from my school but how was my school? How were my school days? All I know about my school is the name, how? Why don't I remember anything from my past? WHAT'S MY PAST?" I yelled, crying even more. Mike stroked my hair and wiped my tears. I moved away from Mike and shouted," I don't even remember how I met you! I know that Summer and I have been best friends since we were 6 but why don't I remember how we became friends? Why don't I remember how I started learning dancing and when did I even audition for dancing? All of a sudden, I became a professional dancer, Summer became my bestfriend and Mike became my boyfriend."

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