Strangers...with Memories? (A Niall Horan FanFic)

SUMMARY- Serenity is enjjoying her life with her friends, boyfriend and parents. Suddenly, she starts having dreams about a really cute blonde Irish guy and she does not know who he is. Is she related to him, by any chance? Is there more to her 'oh-so-incredible' life? Will she ever know what everyone except her knows about her? Help her find out her TOP SECRET by reading this.


2. Dream Boy

"Mike! No, stop!" I yelled as Michael s tickling me. "Hahah. No", mike yelled back, grabbing me by my waist. Summer, who just finished writing a chapter came to living room, saw us playing on the couch and said," Gosh, you guys act like little kids." "Tell him that!" I yelled, laughing harder. "Mike, it's 10:45pm, don't you think that we should leave?" Summer asked, looking at her expensive shiny watch. "Yeah, we should. Mr and Mrs. Gonzales(my parents) will be here anytime", Mike said. "Bye Serenity, sleep well", Summer said as she hugged me. "Mike, shall we go?" she asked, giggling at how Michael was staring at me. "Wait for me in the car, I'll be there in a few minutes", Mike said. "Ooh, what are you guys gonna do..alone?" Summer teased.
"Ugh, just go!" Mike yelled, pushing her playfully. As he watched her go, he came near me, put his hand on my waist and kissed me on my cheek. "See ya tomorrow, hun", I said. He kissed me good it and went home.

I grabbed my quilt and pounced on the bed, cuddling with my favorite teddy bear. I don't really know who gave me the teddy bear but it sends chills down my spine when I hug it. Don't ask me why my heart skips a beat when I look at this soft toy because it is still a mystery. When I ask Summer or Mike about this, they just change the topic. I kissed the teddy bear's nose and dozed off.

"I love you, my cupcake", he said. "I love you too sweetheart", I said back. He lied down beside me and cuddled with me for a long time. I kissed him on his forehead and he made me lie on top of him. He played with my hair and kissed me on my nose, making me giggle. "Scarlett, you're my life. I love you soo much, please don't ever leave me", he said with tears in his eyes. I wiped his tears and said," I love you too. I won't ever leave you and if I do, I won't ever forgive myself", I said, kissing him passionately.

Jus then, I woke up and saw that I was alone in my room. Why did I have a dream like that? Why was calling me Scarlett? Yeah, I just dreamt about an unknown guy. He was a blonde and he was Irish. He was really really cute. You know what the weirdest part is? In my dream, I was 17, two years younger. I looked around the room, breathing heavily and noticed that my favorite teddy bear has the same blue eyes like the dream boy.
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