Spirit of the Dismantled

(M: Contains sexual scenes, offensive language and abuse) "I can't do this anymore. Why did I put up with that crap for 14 years? Why!!?" Cynthia is sick of being abused and mistreated. She just wants out and fast. With home life getting worse by the second, she needs to escape. With nowhere to go, she is positive that all is lost until a handsome boy comes to her rescue and little does she know that she'd need him like he needs her. The similarities that they share are disarming and together they embark on a journey where it takes two to survive.


8. Chapter 8.

Harry's P.O.V

"So these are it." I pull out the big black sack from inside my closet and dump it onto my bed. Cynthia is standing at the door watching me. It's a little..hot.

"Wow. How can one person own so many clothes?" she saunters over and sits down on the bed, shuffling through the clothing. 

"Your mum has great style. These are nice," Cynthia holds up a bright summer dress and stands up to hold it against her. She walks over to the floor-length mirror and twirls. I laugh.

"So you thoroughly check yourself out I'm guessing?" she smirks as she comes back to check out more clothes. Her eyes light up when she spots something. I lean in amused. It's one of mum's baggy tops that she loved. 

"This is awesome!" she shrieks, bouncing up and down on the bed. I laugh at her excitement.

"Wow! Didn't think that someone could get so worked up!" I poke her shoulder and she light-heartedly shoves me back.

Well, these are really cool. Your mum must of been a really fashion-y person."


"Yes, fashion-y." she giggles at her little invention of a word. Such a beautiful sound.

"She was indeed. A very attractive person in her olden days." 

"So is that where you got your good looks from huh?" Cynthia is folding the clothes up nicely and arranging them into neat little piles. 

"I guess so."

"Where's your dad?" she asks. A familiar ache hits me deep as I recall that painful memory.


"Hey dad, look what I have," I hold up my toy truck that I found on the street. It's a yellow truck.

"That's a very cool truck son. Where did you get it?" Daddy messes my hair about. I like it when daddy does that.

"I found it when I was walking with mummy," I beam at him. Daddy looks very happy. Mummy walks in and gives daddy a big kiss. I think it's yucky. They laugh. Why are they laughing?

"Hey baby," my mummy says to daddy.

"Hey sweet. How was today?" daddy asks mummy. I'm playing with my toy truck on the floor. It goes really fast. 

"Really good. I took Harry to school. He's settled in really quickly so he was fine. He's a popular little one," mummy goes into the kitchen and I follow. I am hungry.

"Mum, can you make me a sandwich please?" I jump up and down. She smiles.

"Alright sweet. Go play with dad, he's been looking forward to coming home and playing with you I bet," she looks really pretty. She looks young.

I zoom off and go in search for daddy. He comes out of his room wearing different clothes. Not his working clothes.

"Dad, come play," I hug him and he laughs. He scoops me up and carries me to the lounge. He plonks me onto the couch and tickles me. I laugh.

"You cheeky little bugger," Daddy is laughing. It's too much tickling. 

"Stop!" I cry out in laughter. He does.

"So what did you want to do bud?" Daddy sits beside me with his arm round me. I am smiling.

"Let's play with my new toy!" I wave my truck about. He nods and plays. It's really fun. My sandwich is going to be ready soon.


"I'm sorry hun' but I just got a call-out. I have to go. It's a burglar so nothing too serious," Daddy is talking to mummy. She is frowning. I'm in my new pajamas. They are Pokemon. I love them.

"Okay sweet. Well you take care aye'? Please be careful; especially at this time of the night," mummy gives daddy a kiss. Daddy nods and comes over to me.

"I'm just going to do something but I'll be back okay little man? You be good to mum," he gives me a hug and kisses my hair. I nod my head.

"That's my boy. Okay, I'll see you later," Daddy gives mummy one last kiss before he goes. I can't wait for daddy to come back and tell him how I am getting a special certificate. Mummy doesn't know. I told the teachers to keep it a secret. Daddy is going to be proud.


"No, no! Keith..not my Keith!" I wake up. I can hear mummy crying. I get up and tip-toe to the lounge. I see mummy with heaps of tears running down her face and she is talking to someone on the phone. Her make-up is all over her face and she looks sad. 

"Harry, get back to your room son," mummy tries to shoo me away but I don't listen. I walk over to her and she shakes her head.

"Okay," she whispers into the phone then puts it down. She is shaking. I am scared.

"Oh Harry," she grabs me and pulls me onto her lap. We rock together as she cries. I start to cry too. 

"What's wrong ma'?" I look up at her face. She doesn't look like my happy mummy.

"Son, don't cry. It's just that.." she is crying some more and I reach over and wipe her face. 

"What do you want to say ma'?" where could he have gone? Have I done something wrong?

"Son, I'll talk to you tomorrow. It's late and you need to be in bed mister'. C'mon let's go." she pulls me off her lap and puts me down onto the ground. I am tired. Where is daddy?


"I'm so sorry. I had no clue." Cynthia is placing the clothes into the drawers. I'm sitting on her bed with a glum expression.

"Yeah, I was only 5 at the time. When she told me the next day, I was upset because my dad wouldn't be able to make it to my little prize-giving. I was so excited but I didn't really understand. As I grew older then I began to realize so I've had to grow up quite fast, being the man of the house and all.

"From then on, mum pretty much went downhill. She suffers from Bipolar so that's why she's so moody one time then happy the next. She also has depression so those two don't really mix." Cynthia is frowning as she sits down opposite me. 

"Well, at least we know he's in a happier place. I'm sorry for making you tell me."

"Don't! I mean, you just asked and so I said. I don't enjoy reliving that part of my life but I figured that you would partly understand, given the hurt and similarity. I don't bother telling anyone else. I've never had to." 

"Well your secret is safe with me. How's about that shopping that you promised?" Cynthia grins. I gape at her.

"This not enough?" I point towards the drawers. She laughs.

"Well yeah but then I'd like to check out those shops that you speak so highly of," she's standing up and beaming down at me. I sigh.

"Tomorrow. I got work soon but I'll be back and then I can take you shopping," I flick her the thumbs up. She giggles.

"Sweet as. Hey, what about your mum?" a slightly worried expression stares back at me.

"Don't worry about her. She said that she wanted to see an old friend of hers so I'll drop her off then pick her back up after work. You'll have the whole place to yourself," I head towards the door.

"Thanks for this, again. I know I keep thanking you but really. I don't know how I'll ever repay you." I grin at her.

"Don't worry about it. You'll repay me sometime but until then, later's," I wink at her before leaving with a smug expression plastered on my face.





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