Spirit of the Dismantled

(M: Contains sexual scenes, offensive language and abuse) "I can't do this anymore. Why did I put up with that crap for 14 years? Why!!?" Cynthia is sick of being abused and mistreated. She just wants out and fast. With home life getting worse by the second, she needs to escape. With nowhere to go, she is positive that all is lost until a handsome boy comes to her rescue and little does she know that she'd need him like he needs her. The similarities that they share are disarming and together they embark on a journey where it takes two to survive.


21. Chapter 21.

Cynthia's P.O.V

I've just finished preparing the stuffing so now I'm onto the ambrosia. Harry's mum and aunt have already rallied around to help me. I can hear laughter and it's the pure sound of Christmas cheer. I look up and see Harry who's wandering about in the lounge. When he looks up, he smiles and walks over.

"Hey babe, how you doing in there?" Harry comes over and wraps his arms around my waist. He places his head on my shoulder so I turn my head and kiss his lips.

"I'm fine hon', just gotta do this ambrosia. All the food are ready to go," I grin. 

"Alright, I should go busy myself. See you soon," he kisses my cheek then walks off outside to where the rest of the family are.

"Oh Cynthia, I've never seen him this happy. He's had a hard life so to see him like this is a joy," Harry's mother who's name I found out were Anne, says to me. Her eyes twinkle and she looks vibrant and much more...happy.

"Yeah, he's made me happy too. It seems like fate put us together. Who would've thought?" I breathe. She rubs my back.

"You just keep doing what you're doing and don't ever stop."

"Oh, don't worry Mrs. Styles, I won't be stopping anytime soon."


"Food is ready!" aunt Tony hollers as she helps me to bring the massive plates of food out. Everyone is sitting  underneath the Gazebo where the table is set out beautifully. The kids run circles around us as we make our way forwards.

"Yay!" they holler back. I laugh. Anne's behind me carrying the desserts out to which the kids eyes widen. 

"Ooh, I'm gonna have the dessert first!" Tess jumps and down.

"No I am!" Reece stomps his foot.

"Hey, hey, you guys can both have dessert. Now go sit down, please," Anne shoos them away. They do so, reluctantly.

"Here you guys go," I place the massive roast down onto the center of the table. Marty moves himself out of the way. Anne and aunt Tony place the other items of food down as everyone 'Oohs' and 'Aahs'.

"Wow, that looks fantastic," Tia claps her hands.

"Muy Bien! Me encantaria!" Nanna praises. We all laugh. She looks around the table.


"Nanna, some of us don't understand Spanish," Harry says, softly. She flushes bright pink.

"Oh! I am very sorry! You know me, I tend to get carried away at times," she mumbles.

"Okay, let us pray," aunt Tony sits down beside Marty. I go over and sit beside Harry. He clasps my hand: 

"Thank you Lord for the food you have presented to us today,

may I thank you for the people who have gathered here to

celebrate this wonderful occasion and may I thank you for my

nephew Harry and his partner, Cynthia, who have brought us here today

to not only celebrate Christmas but to witness their happiness as well,


"Amen!" Everyone else repeats. I open my eyes and look around at all the people who have gathered here today and I say a silent thank you to anyone listening. I look over at Harry who's looking back at me with just as much passion.

"I love you," I mouth to him. His eyes widen and for a second, I think he's going to deny it.

"And Cynthia, I love you too," he leans down and kisses me straight on the lips in front of everyone. They cheer and holler, making me blush crimson. And right then, I know that today is the start of many. Harry really is the love of my life; my savior and my knight in shining armor. We may have so much more to learn about each other and that's okay with me. He saved me time and time again and I couldn't thank him enough. I am who I am because of his love and guidance and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

"To Harry and Cynthia," Marty raises is glass.

"To Harry and Cynthia! Cheers!"



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