Spirit of the Dismantled

(M: Contains sexual scenes, offensive language and abuse) "I can't do this anymore. Why did I put up with that crap for 14 years? Why!!?" Cynthia is sick of being abused and mistreated. She just wants out and fast. With home life getting worse by the second, she needs to escape. With nowhere to go, she is positive that all is lost until a handsome boy comes to her rescue and little does she know that she'd need him like he needs her. The similarities that they share are disarming and together they embark on a journey where it takes two to survive.


18. Chapter 18.

Harry's P.O.V

I watch on helplessly as Cynthia runs out of the room. My head is fuzzy with alcohol and I can't focus. 

"Cynthia, stop! Please!" my calls fall upon deaf ears. I hear the front door slam. I try to run after her but trip myself up and land with a thump on the ground. Exhaustion begins to consume me. Cynthia, no...


I wake up and my hand flies straight to my head. It's the morning and I'm lying in nothing but my briefs. I try desperately to recall what happened last night as a dull throb sits in the back of my mind.

"Oh fuck!" it all comes tumbling back to me. Cynthia running off; me saying some things I shouldn't have. I scramble up and run into the room, throwing on some clothes. I start to panic, having no clue as to where she could be. I'm about to leave the room when I hear my phone go off. I grab my jacket and fish out my phone. It's a text from a number that I don't recognize:


*I'm guessing this is Cynthia's boyfriend,

you might wanna come to this address, 

she's in trouble* 


There's another one that was sent earlier from Cynthia:


 *It's Cynthia, I'm fine so don't worry about me, 

just at Kyle's, won't be long.*


My mind goes turmoil. What is she doing there? I study the address, grab my keys and set off. Running outside, I throw myself into the truck and reverse out of the driveway, wheels screeching and gravel flying. I speed off down the road. He doesn't live too far and I doubt that Cynthia would go further than needed.

Speeding round a corner, I pull into the driveway. The house is quite flash, the gardens having been tended to and there's a metal fence that surrounds the house. I hop out and run towards the front door, dashing up the stairs. I bust through the door and see some blonde guy staring back at me. 

"Where the fuck is she!?" I boil in anger. He swallows.

"She's down the hallway, the last room," his voice rings out. I stomp off in that direction but stop when the blonde guy steps in front of my destructive path.

"You can't go in there, Richard's in there. He'll kill you," his eyes are panicked.

"Cynthia! Get the fuck out of my way!" I shove him hard and he goes tumbling towards the ground. Walking over him, the door opens and out comes and angry Richard. 

"The fuck?" he charges towards me, swinging at my head. I duck and skillfully land a right hook that smashes into his jaw. He stumbles back in shock and so I go for him again, throwing punch after punch to his thick skull. He grabs my wrists and tugs weakly so I bring my foot up and kick him right in the gut to which he flies back, landing on top of the blonde guy.

"You fucker!" Richard clutches at his head which is now sticky with his blood. Just to shut him up, I bring my heel right down onto his head, knocking him out. The blonde guy wheezes underneath him; his eyes filled with pure fear. 

I run into the room and what I see nearly breaks me. Cynthia's slumped over, her mouth gagged and her arms bound tightly behind her. She tries to lift her head but she's too weak. Her eyes roll to the back of her head.

"Cynthia! Oh fuck!"


"The police have Richard in custody. When proven guilty, he could possibly be facing 30 years or so behind bars without the chance of parole." Wendy, a police officer, addresses me. I nod.

"Thanks to you, we were able to get a hold of him. He's been on the run for awhile and he has a truckload of offences against him so along with this offence, he could be in there for life. Thank you for your time," she nods curtly at me before turning on her heel and heading off. I walk back over to Cynthia who's receiving much needed attention from a paramedic.

"Hey," I stand in front of her.


"How are you feeling?"

"I've been better," she smiles up at me but her eyes say something else.

"Look, I'm so-"

"Stop, I need to say something Harry and you ain't gonna like it. I did this out of an act of frustration but I swear it meant nothing-"

"Wait, what?" I'm trying my hardest to keep calm. My worst fear comes true.

"I slept with Kyle."

Her words hit me hard. All through my drive here, I was wishing like hell that she wouldn't. 

"I-I don't know what to say. That..hurts." I cringe as the dam threatens to break. She looks at me with..pity?

"I'm so, so sorry Harry. I wish I didn't and all through I kept thinking about you and I didn't enjoy it but when you said something about that Raquel girl, it hurt me. I couldn't stand the thought of you being with anyone else but me and so I hate myself for what I did. I never meant for it to happen," she's sobbing now, crying into the palm of her hands. I stand there, motionless.

"Raquel, she's an old ex. I bumped into her and she offered me a drink, saying she wanted to catch up. I didn't see any harm in it so I went along. We were at the bar and I was on my fourth glass when she made a pass at me. I froze. I didn't like her. She apologized and went on her way. That's when I came home," I mumble. Cynthia sobs even harder.

"And what I said about her being right, that was just me talking bullshit. I never meant any of that," I realize that I'm crying a little. The paramedic heads off into the truck, giving us some time to ourselves.

"Harry, please forgive me. If I could take it back, I would. I've never loved anyone but you. You made me feel wanted; you made feel like I had some purpose in this world. I was lost before I met you; lost in a world where nobody cared and love didn't exist. You came along and gave love meaning; gave me a reason to live," she's holding my hands and pulls me close so that her head lay on my chest.

"Harry, I'd never felt so alive as I have with you. I've had possibly the best moments of my life with you. I never thought that you'd like me; I'm all broken and dismantled but you did. You fixed me and I hate that there's the possibility that you could walk away, from me," beautiful hazel eyes stare back at me. 

"Cynthia, I-I love you. I wouldn't ever wanna hurt you. When I first saw you in that barn, I was shocked. A beautiful, bright, young girl that was so afraid. I knew right then that I wanted to take care of you and I don't think I'll ever stop," my face is only inches from hers. She sniffs and I lean in to kiss her. She's hesitant but returns it with just as much passion.

"Do you forgive me?"


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