Spirit of the Dismantled

(M: Contains sexual scenes, offensive language and abuse) "I can't do this anymore. Why did I put up with that crap for 14 years? Why!!?" Cynthia is sick of being abused and mistreated. She just wants out and fast. With home life getting worse by the second, she needs to escape. With nowhere to go, she is positive that all is lost until a handsome boy comes to her rescue and little does she know that she'd need him like he needs her. The similarities that they share are disarming and together they embark on a journey where it takes two to survive.


11. Chapter 11.

Cynthia's P.O.V

"Stop it! Please!" I scream at Richard. He pulls me down the hallway by my hair as I kick and scream. The pain is too much. My head throbs from the pain.

"Oh no little missy; I ain't done with you yet!" he wags his free finger at my face, the only thing he hasn't ruined.

"I'm sorry!" I cry out loud. I'm dragged into my room and thrown onto my bed. I clutch at my head and when I pull my hands away, they're covered in blood, my blood. It starts to make me feel nauseated. Richard starts on his belt, hastily undoing it as he pins my legs with his.

"I've missed you," he grins. I nearly barf all over him. This is too much. That's when I hear mum arguing with someone. Richard's head whips around also, his brow furrowed.

"What the..?" he calls and then..BAM! Richard is hit with a solid object that sends a sickening crack to his skull. He falls to the ground with a thud, his fly undone. I gasp as I see Harry standing over him with the darkest, most hateful look I had ever seen. He's holding a house-brick in his hand and he raises it above his head for another round.

"Harry! No!" I throw out my hand and scramble to get up. He doesn't listen and without warning, brings the brick down onto Richard's most prized possession. There's a gut-wrenching crack as it makes contact. 

"Harry please! We need to go! Please!" I stand in front of him and place my hands on his muscular shoulders. He gazes down at me intently, not saying a word. He's shaking slightly and his breathing is ragged.

"Harry, I'm here. I'm fine Harry, please can we just go?" I whisper and reach up to stroke his cheek. He hesitates for a moment but chooses to lean his head into my outstretched palm. 

"RICHARD!" I hear mum scream from the doorway. She's clutching at her tear-stained face.

"You bastard! You killed him!" she points an accusing finger straight at Harry. I step out and walk towards my own mother.

"You bitch!" I slap her across the cheek as she stumbles back, her hand flying to her face in shock. When she recovers, she heads straight for me, anger etched on her face.

"How fucking dare you!" she screams before lunging herself at me. I stand there, ready to take it when I see Harry step in front of me. My mother swings at him and he grabs both her arms before twisting it them behind her back. He's pinned both her arms behind her as she wriggles in his tight grasp.

"Let me go you filthy asshole! This is abuse!" she spits, her head turned toward us.

"I'm not here to hurt you," Harry tries to calm her down but fails miserably.

"Calm me down!? Richard's gonna kill the both of ya! You ditching us for him Cynthia!? You ugly bitch! You were no good!" Harry picks her up in a bear hug and heads off to the my room opposite us before throwing her in and shutting the door behind him. She yelps at the unexpected change of situation and starts to pound her fists on the door. Her screams for help are muffled.

"C'mon, let's go." Harry grabs my hand and places a gentle kiss on it. I nod and we walk off hurriedly.

"How'd you know?" I ask him.

"I figured that you lived near the barn. I thought I'd start there and when I found you weren't there, I looked around and spotted your house uphill. I went there and that's when I could hear you," his voice cracks as we jog into the clearing. The car park's up ahead and through the trees, I can spot the truck sitting under the lone streetlight. It's a comfortable silence as we come up towards the truck. My adrenalin eases a little.

"You shouldn't have done that. He's going to come for you now." I mumble as guilt engulfs me. He releases my hand as I walk around to the passenger's side. I feel cold knowing he's not beside me anymore. 

"Look Cynthia, I-I panicked when I saw that you weren't at home. I told you to stay there!" he cries in frustration, starting up the truck and backing out.

"I'm sorry." I look down and fiddle about with my hands. I hear him sigh and feel his hand over both of mine.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that. It's just that I was worried sick when I found you weren't there. I almost had a heart-attack knowing that you'd gone without telling me. I thought you were.." he trails off as he grasps my hands. When I look up, a tear slides down his cheek but he makes no move to wipe it away. My heart swells as I lean over and kiss it away. He smiles but I can still feel the tension.

"I'm sorry but I had to go. I don't think that I could ever forgive myself for being the reason that mum got beaten. I thought that what I was doing was for the best. I mean, I thought that a little bit of you cared but I wasn't convinced and I wouldn't ever forgive myself if I was the reason you got hurt." my voice grows quieter as I admit the one thing that I tried to ignore. He turns his head toward me and I can see the unshed tears glistening in his beautiful green eyes.

"Please don't. Please don't think that I don't care because I do. I just ask that you don't leave me again." he whispers and pulls his truck over into an open field. We cruise along and stop when we're hidden by a field of wheat. Harry turns off the engine and looks over at me. The moonlight shines upon him and my feelings for Harry start to grow more as I drink him in. He's looking at me with a sudden wanting and I realize then that that's what I want right now. Him.

"Where'd he hurt you?" he croaks and gently grabs my hand before bringing it to his mouth. My breathing grows more shallow as he trails kisses down my arm.

"He didn't hurt me. Oh well, my head was hurting but it's faded to a dull thud." my eyes are locked with his. He frowns and stops at my elbow.

"That bastard. I would've killed him Cynthia. I don't know if that's what you wanna hear but that's how I felt. The anger and frustration got the better of me." he murmurs. Without thinking, I scramble onto his lap despite his shock.

"What are you doing?" he let's go of my arm. I frown as I clasp his face.

"I wanted you the moment I laid eyes on you. I've tried to ignore it but I can't. When you came for me I was shocked and a little angry because I didn't want you anywhere near him. I couldn't bear the thought of you.." he mashes his lips with mine, shutting me up, acutely aware of what it was that I was about to say. The kiss grows more hungrier as our tongues collide. I run my fingers through his hair, my knees on either side's of his thighs. He groans, his hands moving up and down my back.

"Cynthia-" Harry pulls away softly. I pout, my fingers halting to a stop.

"What?" I ask absent-mindedly.

"Your bruises." he frowns before gently lifting up my shirt. My stomach is covered in bruises and I wince slightly as he runs his finger over one. He immediately pulls away and pulls my top down.

"We can't. I can't hurt you." he mumbles. I run my fingers down the side of his face.

"I want to. Please, I know you do too. You won't hurt me, I trust you." I place my forehead against his. I can hear his breathing grow more shallow as I do.

"Cynthia-" he whispers. I pull him to me again and kiss him. He's reluctant but he finally gives in. We return to our kiss as I grind against his pants. He moans and grabs my top before pulling it up and over my head. I shake my hair out as he pulls off his shirt.

"Cynthia Bloom, you're so beautiful." he leans back to admire. I cringe knowing that my body is slightly less than attractive.

"Please don't be ashamed. If I could kiss them away.." he chokes on his emotion.

"Please Harry, just make love to me." I urge, desperate not to ruin the heated moment.

"I don't have a condom on me." he frowns.

"I'm on the pill. Please." I bite my lip. He nods as we lock lips for a third time. I push my breasts up against his chest. He grins against my lips as he lifts me up softly before undoing his pants. He pulls them down slightly and starts on mine. My breathing hitches as his hands make contact with my skin. He gently undoes my jeans and I shimmy out of them, kicking them off and throwing them onto the passengers seat. Moving aside my undies, he gently lowers me down. I feel him inside as he groans against my chest. 

"Move with me." he whispers and slowly we do. I push up and down and he does the same. We work so well together; just the two of us. 

"Faster." I murmur and without hesitation, he does. The feeling is so good as he fills me. 

"Aah." I pant as I can feel myself climb higher and higher. The feeling is exquisite; a feeling I never imagined possible. I never had this with Richard and I never wanted too. All my thoughts are banished as Harry takes me to a place that I'd grow to obsess over. 

"Feel me, all of me. Let's go Cynthia." Harry growls and hits my sweet spot. It's my undoing as I orgasm, calling his name the whole way through.

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